37th GITEX Technology Week 2017: InLogic App & Web Design Development in Dubai

The most awaiting GITEX Technology Week is happening at Dubai Trade center from 8th October to 12th October 2017. In 37th GITEX week there are hundreds of entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, startups and investors gathered for the most anticipating and famous tech event of the year in the region. There are many companies like InLogic IT Solutions those participants in the event. The total number of attendees of the GITEX technology is 147,133.

It is the Game changing week that is must for the companies to attend. The event takes place in Dubai and is considering the world’s fastest growing hub of technology. The week is always innovating and evolving for the audience. For past 37 years, the Tech pioneers and visionaries have been attending the event in Dubai to become the first-hand witness of the revolution that has inspired the innovations and generations.

It is the ideal place for the people to try new things and innovate here by showcases their brilliant inventions and innovations. They are allowing to pilot with new modernisms and deploy them too. The Dubai is the dynamic latest tech hub on exhibit the yearly event. In this year 2017, new sectors are introduced and discovered such as global smart cities, robotics, smart manufacturing and vehicle tech.  The previous year events are a great success and in 2017, there are 700 startups from 75 countries of the world are participating and exhibiting their work. There are over 100 startups that take place from the UAE.

The event is the perfect bridge between the world east wing and west. The pioneer in the innovation of technology and the early adoption makes theoretical a mass reality. In a just limited period of time, the city is able to change and reinvented itself from the fishing port to the leading traveling destination and global investment hub in UAE. Now the place is known for the many famous things including the man-made islands, record-setting skyline, and driverless metro. This event is the comprehensive investment from the government sector in the innovation of digital to the advance level key social, environmental indicators, governance and economic.  This great work in the city transforms it incredibly to gain pace in the coming few years.

What is new in 2017 event?

Here are the few things that are going to be done this year in the GITEX technology event of 2017 at Dubai trade center.

Take a step forward in technology

In the GITEX 2017 week, there are total 4,473 exhibitors from 97 countries around the world. The event is held in 92,903 square meters. In this year the technology steps into future.  As we all know that it is always curetting, exploring and innovating. This particular event of the GITEX, it teams up with the world’s famous and leading innovators and the worlds R&D departments.  They bring all together and emerge the technology that has the capability of the changing the business face and shape the world.

List on fringe

There are 100’s of the events that are held in this week independently. If the company is interesting for exhibiting their technology stuff at GITEX technology week that is a long festival of the innovations then make sure that innovation must hold the ongoing event to be meet- up, briefing, formal dinner, breakfast briefing, fabulous dinner or the award ceremony. In this way, they come to know about the brightest minds in the world of technology and then the event is going to list on the fringe.

Event takes place 10 days in a week

In 2016 the GITEX event launched and program for a 7 days in which the international speakers focus on the 7 various vertical key of the middle East economy but in this year they are expanding the days to 10 and every day is given a unique topic like 9th October 2017, Monday is for Marketing and Healthcare while 10th October 2017, Tuesday is for the public sector, finance and Women in Tech etc.

GITEX Awards

The GITEX is the fastest growing weekly event in Dubai. Now it is grown into the global gathering of innovations, talent, and entrepreneurship.  There are 24 new awards are introduced by the event that is presented on 10th October at the celebration of new innovations. It recognizes the high achieve among all the participants and make the people work hard to achieve the goal.

How to Register?

Visitors need to register first to attend the event at the Dubai trade center on 8th October. To get the passes there are two defining ways; one gets the pass Online and the other is from Onsite.  The rates of the passes do vary on the different days of the event like following:

On First Day:

The first-day pass prices for online is AED 125 and for Onsite it is AED 160.

On 5th Day

On the fifth day of the event, the pass will be offered online at AED 265 and Onsite at AED 315.

The conference registration is also being done for the event. The A A A Pass is given in which the all vertical conferences in addition to the 3 tracks of the GITEX future start conference and the Keynote day and all the other 5-day exhibition are included. This pass is cost AED 3499 or US dollar 953. The vent also the facility to the visitors who only want to attend the one vertical conference can do it by paying AED 1499 or US dollars 410.

What is startup movement?

This section of the event is solely dedicated to the network of the startups. In this movement, you are able to learn some inspiring environment from some leading incubators and accelerators. In this participants get a chance to share and pitch their excellent idea to win the award.

In this GITEX 2017, there are many companies of UAE take apart and represent their ideas so as InLogic IT Solutions too. The company takes apart and represents its best 2 projects which are:

1- NMC Happiness App

(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ae.nmc.nmchappiness )

NMC Happiness Application for UAE with the following features:

  • Quotes listing.
  • Quotes posting.
  • Quotes Share.
  • Quotes editing.
  • Earn Points by keeping themselves active.

2- ENAS Website

(http://www.enas.gov.ae/ )

'الصفحة الرئيسية'-enas-gov-ae
ENAS was established in 2004, as a department in ESMA, based on federal law no. (28) For the year 2001 and the cabinet decision no. (22) For the year 2004, and the updated Cabinet decision regarding the Control of Conformity Assessment Bodies No (35) for the year 2015. Fees related to Accreditation activities services are defined in the cabinet decision no (36) for the year 2015.

ENAS managed by National Accreditation Department has been given the mandate to provide:

  • Registration of Conformity Assessment Bodies Operating in UAE.
  • Registration of Halal Certification Bodies.
  • Accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies.
  • Notification of Conformity Assessment Bodies in the mandatory scope and Technical Regulations stated by ESMA.

These are something that is brilliant and will definitely have the great impact on the living and innovation.

Thank you for visiting. See you next year from 4 April7 April 2018!