Do you hear that Android O Is Going To Be Android 8.0?

Google has the capability of dealing and playing with the mind of the people in a ticklish manner. This method is useful and is implemented the same technique again. We as the users are really aware of the all major and the new Android updates that are lined up for this year. The frequent and the interested people are heard too much about the same at the Google I/O conference of 2017 and the key announcement therein. The Android O is also known as the Android 8.0. The procedure is quite complicated and has not been openly and officially announced by the Google.

The Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE are up to date and are familiar with all the latest and upcoming versions of the Android. Google has opened its doors for the developers and beta previews the latest and new versions. This helps the Android App Development Dubai companies to avail the chance to integrate it, understand it in a better way and use in the upcoming applications.


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The applications developed and design by the professional and expert Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai are using the fresh versions of Android of the outbox features like the picture in picture or 3D touch feature in Apple and much more like them. These two features name before being announced in the previous version of the Android nougat that is named 7.0 and 7.1. Now to predict the name of the next version, it may be 7.2, Android O or whether it is 8.0.

In the history of the Android, it is proved that it backing up the same.  If we consider the other versions of the Android like the Android KitKat, Jelly Bean version we come to know that the androids started with the version 4.1 and ends at the 4.3 while the Android KitKat series of the Android take the initiative as 4.4 instead of 5.0.

There are many Mobile App Development Abu Dhabi companies that are using and prefer the upcoming features of the Android in the application to make their apps stand out among all the applications of the same niche. Every company try hard and put their hundred percent in making their app stunning and noticeable.

In 2017 all the Google I/O portrayed the so many screen shots that flaunt at 8:00, now it may be the coincident and maybe it’s a hint we never know. Other than all the hints for the App Developers Abu Dhabi there is something else to confirm the news that is actually unofficial.  On June 1st, some of the photos and the APKs are leaked out from Google which is purely unofficial. In this material, the newer version of the Android is named as 8.0.0. While on the other side the other application of Android like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Maps, Gboard are always be written with the version name “o”.

However, now the situation is really strange that there are two total applications that are come with the version name 8.0.0 whereas the all other are come up with the version name O. now all the professional Mobile App Development UAE companies and Freelance App Developers Dubai are confused.  It can be a mistake that the both are containing the different versions but the chances of this are very low to occur. Google is playing with the minds of the people and is ready to unveil its new version of the Android in the near Future.

Google in the last month I/O conference come out with the preview of the second upcoming version of the software- Android O. the first preview of the Google is rolled out back in the month of March. The predictions of the release of the software are in the month of the August or Septembers with the conjoining the next pixel phone. This is the expected official release of the software.

The users of the Android not only rely on the logic of the application but also want the attractive designing that are delivered by the Mobile App Design Dubai companies.  They are ready and always look forward to receiving the refined, excellent and the reliable features as compare to the current using features.

The new version of the Android is the baskets full of the astonishing features that are going o unveil soon. These features of the Android will increase the user’s experience and make up the new possibilities for the Android App Developers Dubai.  These features are excellent and have the capability of saving the battery feature, improve the options of notifications, eased up the multitasking and also picture in picture mode. These are the few highlights that are coming out this year. The features of the Android are known now we have to wait for the version name of the android that comes along with these stunning features, whether it is 7.2, 8.0 or O.

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