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Awards Management System

Awards Management System

Inlogic Award Management System is a unique solution that help organization to build the process of awards in dynamic.

Inlogic Award Management System is a unique solution that helps an organization to build the process of awards in the dynamic, simple and interactive way. The right system to maximize entries, manage the judging process, and feel confident with the integrity of the results.

Inlogic Award Management System is the perfect solutions that solve some of the most frustrating, manual, costly, time-intensive problems that organizations face in handling awards we are fully customized and configure to meet the exact needs of our clients.

The goal of the Inlogic Award Management system is to enable online interaction with your applicants, reviewers and automate the entire process; thereby eliminating a huge amount of paperwork and manual tasks.

Who can benefit from Inlogic Award Management System:

  • Awards Authorities.: any authority that has an award and would like to publish it online for public or selected sectors.
  • Companies and Entities

Features of Inlogic Award Management System:

Easy to use

Inlogic Award Management System is designed to satisfy user’s requirements in terms of interactions on a different type of platform and allows users to manage their tasks accordingly with less efforts and complexities. Basic, clear and user-friendly designs that simplify workflow process of your awards system.


Judges enjoy scoring and evaluations on their most convenient time and place. With automated calculations based on a pre-defined awards criteria’s and formulas, judges can now have focused well on evaluations and are hassle-free to review and rescore submissions.


Tracking and monitoring of awards submissions provide more compact information and presented visually. Automated, visual and dynamic reports can be generated instantly. Ranking and Admin task are now effortless.


Inlogic award management system reduces cost and saves a great amount of time on all parties involved. Multidimensional complexities of tasks involve in facilitating an award is now simplified, goals are achieved and optimized awards resources.


Inlogic award management system make sure all information is safe and secured. The system is built to high-security standards and is designed with an online privacy protocol.

Inlogic Award Management System Simplify Awards Management Experience with A hassle-free end-to-end online awards judging system using simple techniques: –

  1. Plan and publish.
  2. Collect Submission.
  3. Judging anytime, anywhere.
  4. Voting and N number of judging rounds.
  5. Automate scoring and reporting.

Core modules of Inlogic Award Management System

Inlogic Award Management System is an online awards management system with three core modules: applicant, reviewer, and administrator. The following is a list of features in the three core modules.


  • Registration – Applicants can fill out an online registration form and can register as individuals, entity or company, team to begin the entry creation process.
  • Forgot Password – Applicants can request their password from the applicant login page. The system asks for the user’s email then sends an email containing a password to the user if the system finds a matching email in the system.
  • Contact / Help – The applicant site can be configured to show multiple menu options, each leading to a full page on content configured by the administrator. Many applicant sites offer pages such as ‘Contact Us’, ‘Help’, etc.
  • Awards List – An applicant can view all the awards with their criteria and questions and they can know and can apply for any award after they complete their registration or login to the system.
  • Applicant Form – An applicant can fill the application form for each award and attach all the supportive documents and he has the right to submit or save it as a draft.
  • My Saved Application – An applicant may require to save his application and resume it any point in time before the closing date and system will send notification that the award which he wants to nominate.
  • File Uploads – The system allows any type of file to be uploaded into an entry. Thumbnails are automatically created for JPG/JPEG images and for videos.
  • Emails – The system can send personalized emails when an applicant registers and submits an entry for judging.
  • Print Application – Applicants can print each entry. The printable entry form includes all questions, answers, credits, and file details. File upload thumbnails, where applicable, are displayed.
  • Export Application – Applicant can export the uploaded file in a pdf format to their personalized email ID.


  • Award Management – Admin can define main award with its basic information and logo and can create unlimited number of award subcategory with their details. Admin can specify the publish date and the open nomination date.
  • Award Categorization Configuration – Each award can have  unlimited number of categories and admin can configure award assessment according to categories or the according to the questions.
  • Category Questions Configuration – Admin can Define unlimited numbers of questions for each category and can specify the length, weight and if required evidences
  • Jury members and group- Admin can define jury users and can group them into groups.
  • Nomination and Assessment – Admin will receive all nominated applications according to each award and can assign applications to jury members individually or to jury groups.
  • Email Configuration – Define text, style, dynamic date elements, logos, etc. for all emails sent by the system to applicants, reviewers, winners, non-winners, etc.
  • Entry Judging Status – Entries can have one of five statuses on its way to being “in judging”. Entries can be Incomplete, Complete but not Submitted, Submitted, Accepted, or Disqualified. Applicants can submit their entry. Administrators can ‘Accept’ an entry into judging or ‘Disqualify’ an entry out of judging.
  • Advance Entries to Subsequent Reviewer Rounds – Multiple judge rounds can be configured by administrators. Entries can be advanced from one round to another. Score averages are visible and entry categorization data filters are available, so advancing is easy from the entries list page.
  • Dashboard – Admin can view dynamic dashboard for the entire application, under assessment the progress of each assessment and the performance of each jury members and can view the results. Admin can send application back for second round review if required.
  • Designate Award Winners, Finalists, etc. – Awards can be assigned to entries in ‘mass’ using list page actions. The entry list page displays pertinent score and award data. It also provides pertinent filters and ‘mass’ actions. Together, these features make assigning awards easy from the entry list page.
  • FAQ – More than 50, searchable ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. More FAQ go online each month.


  • Registration – Admin registers jury members online and they can sign up online to be a review applications which is assigned to them by admin.
  • Dashboard – The jury member can view interactive dashboard or their current applications, applications which they finish, applications which is saved but not submitted.
  • My Saved Applications – The jury member can save his/her work at any point and go back to it from My Saved Application which is a feature to increase the productivity of the work at some time jury members may require some proofs or breaks during the assessment.
  • Search Engine – A powerful tool to jury members that can be utilized to filter and search for any information, applications etc.
  • Request For Re-evaluation – Jury member can request from the admin using the system to re-evaluate any application they have submitted.
  • Jury Performance – Jury member can view his/her performance and compare to the others who are doing the same job to increase the productivity.
  • Evaluation and Comments – Jury member using the scorecard can make their judgment according to each question or category and write their feedbacks or comments.

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