InLogic Events Management System Solution Software in Dubai, UAE, Middle East

Events Management System

Events Management System

Complete solution for events management scheduling

Inlogic Event Management System is a state of art solution that is designed to save your time and cost, it has been developed with experienced best event management consultants to meet the requirements of a successful event. we compile the experience of more than 8,000 successful events. We’ve tested, tried and experimented till we reached the formula that works. We offer the all in one, easy to deploy, missing piece of the successful event puzzle.

Inlogic Event Management Solution is an engagement platform for events. We offer mobile apps for top conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events.

Inlogic Event Management Software Features

Event Registration

Set up dynamic, online registration with our event planning software. Easy to use, easy to monitor.

Event Payment Processing

Enjoy fast and secure event payment processed online and delivered directly into your bank account.

Budget Management

Build event budgets, track fund across events, calculate variable costs and assess meeting spend.

On-Site Functionality

Set up any computer as a kiosk. Use our event planning software to check in attendees, print name badges and collect payments on-site.

Event Reporting

Standard reports and unlimited custom reports. View event data in real time and export into common formats.

Mobile-Friendly Registrations

Give your attendees the ability to quickly & securely register for your events directly from their mobile devices.

We provide a Unique solution that produces a dynamic website, IOS and Android application.

  1. Complete admin module to plan, engage and measure Events
  2. Unlimited number of Events (Event Details, Agenda, speakers, venue, sponsors…etc)
  3. Ability to accept User registrations for events using website, IOS, and Android
  4. Dynamic reports for the number of Registrations
  5. Attendee Networking, Ideal platform for networking and increase business
  6. Direct Notification
  7. Interactive Maps and Floor Plan
  8. Engagement Dashboard
  9. Survey, Live poling, and feedback
  10. Interactive question and answer
  11. Manage on arrival registration and check in

Benefits of Event Management

  1. Reduce your Workload
  2. Save time and Efforts
  3. Increase Attendance through different Medium
  4. Create events in minutes and easy to use
  5. Decrease costs
  6. Automate the event from registration to check in
  7. Allows you to focus individually on each task
  8. Generate reports to track success and improve future events

Additional Benefits from Inlogic Event Management

  1. Get Your Team Organized
  2. Create the Best Online Registration Experience
  3. Boost Your Ticket Sales with Better Event Marketing Tools
  4. Maximize Attendee Engagement
  5. Automate Onsite Check-in
  6. Manage Multiple Events Simultaneously

Complete software platform to manage entire lifecycle of events with more effectively.

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