InLogic Meeting Management System Solution Software in Dubai, UAE, Middle East

Meeting Management System

Meeting Management System

Complete solution for meeting management scheduling

Inlogic Meeting Management System is a powerful meeting management system that minimizes time and efforts spent and increase the productivity of every meeting.

Inlogic Management System is the ideal solutions that are Fully integrated with MS Outlook, google colander provides a secure and efficient tool for preparing a scheduling, executing, assign tasks and archiving meetings.

Inlogic Meeting Management System is designed to drive accountability, streamline meeting procedures and align management goals in simple steps.

The system is fully administrating using powerful setting tools for defining Departments, Projects, users and assigning users to Departments and project using child-parent relation.

If you are a manager you can easily track your projects by:-

  • Following the progress of each project.
  • View the meetings outcomes and tasks from each meeting.
  • Follow the progress of the meeting task achievements and accomplishments.
  • Have interactive dashboard that is highlighting the late decisions or not completing tasks.

The system has the capability to assign the task and follow decisions for each meeting.

  • Departments
  • Projects
  • Meeting Types
  • Users
  • Meeting
  • Decisions
  • Tasks
Admin Role
  • Define Department hierarchy
  • Define Head & coordinator each Departments
  • Define users for each department
Department Head
  • Create Projects
  • Assign users to projects
  • Follow decisions & tasks for each project
  • Create meeting


  • Create Meeting Agenda.
  • Select meeting type and if meeting according to projects system will show all project team members.
  • Send invitation to users from the department or according to project or invite external users.
  • Simple setting for meeting preparation e.g. Requesting meeting room, hospitality … etc.
  • it Simplify the Scheduling Process.
  • System will send automated invitation to attendee to their Outlook & Google Calendar.
  • System will send optional reminder email for the meeting and the location of the meeting.

During the Meeting

  • User assign to start the meeting can define person/persons who will approve the meeting.
  • User can register attendance , excused attendee  and can add new users.
  • All agenda points can be discussed with its supportive document and action can be set to any point with action require and assign it to team or users with specific date and time .
  • Extra additional points maybe added to the system .
  • Old decisions which is not completed will be pope up optionally ..Run onsite or Virtual Meetings
  • Users can view Capture Notes Instantly.
  • Once meeting is finished system will send point of meeting automatically.

Post Meeting

  • Professional Minutes and Customizable Layouts
  • Powerful File Management and Search Options for all meeting agendas, decisions.
  • Task Management System with Outlook Integration
  • Meeting Analytics for decisions outputs.

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