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10 Amazingly Useful Android Tips and Tricks 2017

Whether or not you are new to Android Software Development and the use of Android apps, you may not know the ins and outs of the Android system as well as you could.

There are always things you don’t realize about the system you are using. There are tips and tricks for Android that everyone should know.

Here are 10 useful Android tips and tricks you should know:

  1. Improve performance by maintaining your Android device like you would maintain your PC. PCs need tuning up now and again and so do Android devices. There are a number of Android apps that can help you do this, such as All-In-One-Toolbox.
  2. Android has a huge potential for customization. Stay away from a bunch of icons and make use of widgets, search bars, and the like to make the most of your Android home screen and your Android apps.
  3. Increase the chances you will get your device back if you lose it by going to Settings > Security > Owner Info and then typing in contact details that will be displayed on your lock screen. This way, if someone finds your phone, they will be able to return it more easily.
  4. Carry one or more extra batteries, in case you still have an Android phone, such as a Samsung, that allows you to change the battery. Having extra charged batteries on hand will allow you to keep your phone powered no matter where you are.
  5. If you want a truly different and unique home screen, then try out some various launchers. Launchers are Android apps that permit you to make major changes to your home screen. These can often provide better interfaces that make things run faster.
  6. You can set your Android device up so you can access Google search via voice command. All you need to do is find your Google app, tap it, and then tap Settings > Voice > Ok Google Detection. From here you can tap From any screen. With this you will be able to launch a Google search no matter what screen you are on.
  7. Android may be more customizable than you think. There are hidden developer options that you can access. Simply go to Settings > About Phone and tap Build number seven times. You will get a message saying you are now a developer. When you return to Settings, you should see an option for developer options.
  8. There is a lot of information you can see on your lock screen. You can add widgets to it that allow you to see some information without having to unlock your phone. Just go to Settings > Security and tap Enable widgets. Then when you go to your lock screen and swipe left, you will see a large + sign. When you tap the + sign, you will be shown a selection of widgets you can access from your lock screen.
  9. You can use app stores other than Google Play, such as Amazon, for downloading Android apps. They often offer great deals!
  10. Secure your phone through encryption, but ONLY if you have a genuine concern that sensitive information could be stolen. Go to Settings > Security > Encryption and tap Encrypt phone. You will be asked for `a PIN and you will need to enter it every time you turn your phone on.


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Your Tips?

What tips and tricks can you pass on to your fellow Android users?

Let us know your best ones in the comments section below!