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10 Simple Tips to Develop Your Own Website in 2018

To develop an own website for your business, you should follow some easy tips that are given in this post.

Below, you can find ten simple to follow tips that make your task of developing website portal a lot easier.

So, go through this post.


Firstly, the term portal was used to refer to popular Internet search as well as navigation websites that offered a starting point for web consumers to discover and access a huge amount of information on the World Wide Web.

Today, various businesses are opting for web portals as the main base goal of classifying the information and making the access to them a lot easier. Through this, the users can get huge help as preventing them from the strayed and the information to be lost.

Accessing to portals by creating a digital identification and collecting personal profile becoming easy for all web users. However, a web portal is the most beneficial access point for the user on the web as web portals allow navigating the information from one page to another until the users get whatever they require.

No matter what types of portals you are using for business, all have the information stored into links to different relevant topics. For instance, links for entertainment, business, finance, travel, news, sports, and more.

Moreover, Google, AOL, and Yahoo! are the most well-known portals on the web. However, there are some portals that can be called as personal portals which are storing user history, data, emails, profile information, and more.

Today, you would find numerous companies that are looking for new opportunities. If you are also looking forward to minimizing the risk and maximizes the chances of developing a successful and profitable Internet portal on the World Wide Web, this post contains some tips to follow for developing an own web portal:

Tip No.1: Determine the Area of Interest

Firstly, it is very much important for you to decide the business niche and the niche market, which has potentials. You can select one such niche, which can allow you to use your existing resources, expertise, and knowledge.

For instance, some are interested in B2B businesses, B2C, retails, and ecommerce.

Research & Study the Scope of Your Business & Market

If you decided to develop own web portal, and you have successfully determined the business niche, now you have to research and study the scope of the market.

Remember, if you decide to serve domestic and international markets both, the chances of surviving are very high. Even so, if you are only going with domestic needs, you should find out what kind of services can make your business more competitive and unique.

You can easily elucidate the scope of the business and ask some questions before you open your checkbook. Some major questions that you need to ask are Do you have some effective resources obtainable for developing a B2B or B2C portal from the start?

Do you require it to leverage current website, customers, and sales staff to produce some additional revenue? Do you have an enough revenue generating model? Do you have sufficient time and technical skills to operate it? Are you going to spare one person to operate it?

Tip No.2: Recognize & Understand Your Clients & Their Needs

It is also most important that you identify your customers and their needs so that you can easily come up with some unique ways to attract them towards your business, products or services.

You can also offer them some wonderful services so that they always come back to you. In all this, you need to remember that content is the king.

Tip No.3: Remember that You Are Running a Portal for Profit

You always need to remember that you are running a portal for earning a maximum profit so that you can identify and develop some revenue models. Previously, it has been proved that banner advertising model, as well as the transaction model, may not be efficient and predictable.

Tip No.4: Managing Finance Effectively

You can manage the finance effectively as you need to go with perfect budget planning in order to maintain it successfully. You can start with excellent budget plans and spend your hard-earned money carefully. By shaping planned coalitions with some other websites instead of spending hard-earned cash. You can market your portal website.

Understand Marketing & Partnership Strategy

In order to develop a very strong Internet presence, you should come up with effective marketing and partnership strategy. We all know that due to the lack of step-by-step strategy and long-lasting plan on expanding the business, many failures of start-ups has occurred.

A Huge failure like one thinks that someone may purchase his/her site and makes quick money. So, one of the major chores that you need to do is differentiate your portal from others.

Currently, numerous B2B and B2C portals are there on the web, so it is quite difficult to think that which point or factor can make the portal popular and stand out from your competitors.

Tip No.5: Avoid Poor Project Management

Across the world, there are numerous start-ups that are failed because of the poor management, but if you have decided to start with a low budget, you can consult a freelancing consultant, who offers services and expertise at the most competitive rates. So, remember to go with a freelancing consultant to get desirable services.

Tip No.6: Determine Domain Name and Web Hosting

For branding purpose, the domain name is a key element. Therefore, select an appropriate domain name that enables visitors on the web to find your business quickly.

Remember, your domain name must be catchy and relevant.

Tip No.7: Choose the Web Technology to Build Your Web Portal

Today a number of web programming technologies existing to create websites, web applications, and web portals, which are combining both.

Some of those web technologies are proprietary platforms while some are open source. Enterprises are preferring proprietary platforms due to security concerns while the majority of businesses opt for open source to leverage it.

The selection of Web Development Dubai technologies and platforms for your web portal development depends on the nature of your web portal and requirements of content management.

PHP open source platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are eminent CMS used on the web. WordPress is covering 50% websites, Drupal 18%, and Joomla 7%.

However, due to some platform constraints, many Web Developers Dubai use core PHP code to create web portals and simply integrate open source CMS to update and manage the content without any help of a programmer.

If you are going to select any web technology to create your web portal, it is better you consider following points to make the right selection.

  • Platform should be user-friendly and developer-friendly.
  • Powerful enough to manage any level of intricacy in development.
  • Cost-effective so open source platforms are winner here.
  • Need active support of a huge developer community.

Tip No.8: Create Your Portal Site with Low-cost Tools

It is also important that you develop your portal website with free or affordable tools that are obtainable on the web. There are lots of web tools that are rich in features, and you can find those tools at

Open source programming technologies like PHP and ASP.NET as well as open source platforms as discussed before are offering the cheapest alternatives to create web portals with minimum investment on licensing and other requirements.

To work on your portal project, the way you want, you can hire a freelance consultant or an offshore consultant as per your project requirement. Hiring a freelancer or offshore consultant is much affordable as compare to hire a full-time service consulting firm.

Tip No.9: Hire Internet Marketing Agency to Do Effective Marketing

Simply creating a web portal cannot bring revenues or grow your business further. You need to do efficient marketing using services from a seasoned Internet marketing company like Perception System to beat your competitions.

Highly experienced and expert professionals from an Internet marketing agency to do SEO, SMO, PPC, and conversion optimization to boost your web portal in SERPs.

Use UX and various optimization techniques to bring, engage, and convert maximum traffic in favor of your business.

Tip No.10: Partnering with Other Businesses to Boost Market Presence

To boost the market presence of your business, you can partner with some other start-ups or businesses. Today, lots of smaller portals are there that are willing to team-up with other portal websites in order to develop a network presence on the World Wide Web. You can just ask other portals as it can be great for both ends.


So, these are the ten easy to follow tips to develop an own web portal for your own business. By following these tips, it may prove easy for you to develop a portal without much hurdles and expenses.

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