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2017 Email Marketing Strategy: 7 Emails You Must Have

The email marketing has never been considered as the reliable and efficient at delivering the right message to the right receiver at the right time. In this era of computer, almost all the email service providers give the option of the automation and are also known as the workflows in IT language. The Digital Marketing Agency Dubai considers and believes that the emails are the essential and main part of the marketing strategy. It is fully on you that whether you are interested in hiring the agency or if you are strong than send emails and convert users into customers.


Here is the list of the top emails that need to bet the part of 2017 in the Email Marketing Strategy.

1. Welcome Email

This message is given to the users who are new and joins the community of the already existing users by sign up and the users who are fired off. These types of emails are trendy and if the users are not going to get it than it was the little bit shocking for them nowadays.

This shows the user that you are happy toad them in the community and meets them. If the initial welcome is not done then this is little confusing for the users that whether the procedure of sign up is successfully done or not. Make sure that you are going to establish a strong contact and welcome the new users promptly.

2. Follow-Up Email

The follow-up emails are sent to the users or the visitors if they perform certain actions on the business website like requesting for the certain information or filling up the forms. This email is to inform the reliable and valuable customers that their request has been successfully received. This is one of the emails that are sent to the Email Marketing Services Dubai. If the users fill the form and place the request of the download of the content than the follow-up email is the medium to serve them and provide their requested content.

3. Thank You Email

The follow-up email is similar to the thank you email but does not confuse both of their acts. The Thank you emails are sent to the subscribers and will go a long way for them. This email is sent to the users after they perform various acts and do something that depends on the brand’s culture.

These emails are also sending to inform the other users of the brand that these are the list of the coolest and best subscribers of the company. The all human beings loved to be appreciated and are going to enjoy. These kinds of the emails will give the visitors a brand personality.

4. Disengaged User Emails

In this time, no users have the time to read all the content that is sent by you to them. From the list of the subscribers, there are many who literally forget that they have subscribed for the brand and are going to receive the updates and the more information in their provided email inbox. It is good that you have to set the system same as done by the well-known and famous SEO Agency Dubai.

These systems will identify the disengage users so that you are able to maintain the user data with the clean content list. Before purging from the list of the contacts it is good to attempt the last time to engage them into your website content. But make sure that all this method should be personal.

5. Nurturing Email

It is the opposite of the disengaged user email. It is essential to offer and provide the ROI strategy of visitors for which they are looking for. The nurturing emails are highly targeted emails that are sent to the people with the purpose of introducing and moving the marketing and the sales funnel importance. The inbound email marketing strategy is only being successful if they are having the multiple nurturing campaigns to target the different audiences in the market.

The all the emails are automated means you just need to do research and focus on providing the best and great and best opportunity to solve the issues instead you are going to push your sales forward. Make sure that do not force to meet where you are comfortable, meet at the place where they are on the journey of buying.

6. Reminder Email

The remainder email marketing strategy is crucial for the travel agency or the event marketing companies. There are many tasks and the things to perform by the person and are worried about them. They forget in their daily life routine that they have recently filled up the webinar. The friendly reminder to the personas is the best practice to turn out. These emails are also playing their role in sales events because they are good in creating the sense of urgency or fear of missing out and also the boost engagement.

7. Update Emails

There are a lot of the purposes of the update emails. It is sent to inform the users about the new services and the products that are launched by the company. This message is an update of the user’s agreements or the terms and conditions. In the Online Marketing in Dubai, this kind of the emails mostly gives the look of the newsletter. Make sure that you are not going to deliver the same generic content to your entire list of the business. The sent message should be relevant and can achieve by the dynamic emails.


The above email examples are the few automated emails example that is sent to the users in the year 2017. The emails are fully depending on the business and the advancement of the CRM. The email examples are just the basic and the ones that are mostly expected by the users. If you require some sort of help in setting up the emails thank consider the professional IT Companies in Dubai like InLogic UAE. They are good in exploring the goals and the targeted audience to create the effective message.