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2017 Website Development Trends: Web Design Dubai

The field in Web Development Dubai is getting improved and better day by day with the arrivals of new trends that are enhancing and coming in every year. So for the web development, it is really important to be updated and familiar with all the new trends and technology that are introduced and launched. The development industry has numerous tools and the frameworks that are emerging and help in enhancing the user experience. These trends will not only be going to assist in the excellence user experience but also help the developers to code elegantly.

Here are the best web development trends that are used by the top most Web Development Company in Dubai to make the product or site updated and trending.

Video of 360 degree

The 360-degree video provides the great new user experience by the Web Design Company in Dubai at an advanced level. Nowadays the companies are advertising their brand and services via 360-degree video format. This trend is gaining its name and getting popular day by day in this year. These types of a video making the user feel that whole video (Scene) is in front of the users and they are seeing them live.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the field of AI (artificial Intelligence), there is great and tremendous work is done by the Web Design Dubai and development companies in past few years. And it is clear and all the developers and the market are hoping to get some great stuff in the future too. There are many trendy AI application is introduced in this year and the one of the most recognized is Google search algorithm. It is the wish that in further years of IT the AI is used by people more and more.

IOT (Internet of Things)

Now it is a time of enhancement in the world of technology. Now the internet is not only limited to the laptops, desktop or mobiles but now you are able to control the home appliances by sitting. You just have to do is that install the software on their Smartphone and make sure that it will work precisely. By using IOT, you can control all the house heating systems, appliances and can also track your car etc. The Web Design Agency Dubai designing the great apps for it.

Virtual Reality

There is countless enhancement occurs when the concept of virtual reality introduce. The Web Designing Companies in Dubai is commonly using this method in the gaming world. This trend is loved by most of the people in an artificial scenario made by man.

Rich Typography

The typography is the latest trend and plays the main role in bringing up the best user experience of the website. The previous years are passed by utilizing the sources of rich typographies. And that is why it is expected that in 2017, there are new typefaces will come. The Dubai Web Design Agency knows that the elegant color themes and textures with the excellent and readable fonts make the website more charming.

Animations and Gifs

He animation is using in many areas nowadays. The purpose that the developers are using the animation n the website is that they want to say many things in few times to their users. The animations and GIFs are the easiest and smooth way of describing the brand idea. By using them it will attract the user’s attention towards them.

Material Design

The material designs are designed Dubai Web Design Company and developed for the first time by the Google. The designing in the development phase plays the vital role. For the material design, the designers use geometric shapes for the solid structure of the web, the color combinations are solid, padding and the animation effects will make it more user-friendly.

Website Development Trends


The illustrations in a website are used in 2016 by the Web Design UAE companies on their websites. By using this, the website got more diversity and companies are looking for hiring the best and artistic website for the valuable clients. By adding the illustration in your websites added more meaningful insights that will lead and give the symbol of creativity.

Parallax Effect

The designers of today were tended more focused on the parallax and it may be possible that in 2017 we are going to see it more widely. We all know that the realistic approach in the web design attracts and leads more visitors that help and tends to grow the site and the business successfully.

Landing Pages

By using the new trends and modern menu styles with the landing pages of the website has become famous. The services are defined and have been for most priority for the developers since past few years.