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2018 Best App Store Optimization Techniques

The growth of the Mobile Application Development Dubai is very rapid and these days the app store is crammed with the chunk of Mobile Applications. If you are looking forward to making the developed application of your company get the desired result, you need to follow up the robust and strong app social media marketing Dubai techniques and strategies. App Store Optimization (ASO) is a popular marketing technique app which will help in boosting the rank in the app store.

What is App Store Optimization?

ASO is the optimization process for mobile apps so that they are able to rank higher in a search result of the app store. The higher your app results in the store; it is more visible to the customers. This will help to drive the maximum traffic to your page. That is why the ASO becomes the imperative part of the success and the growth of the companies. Thus the valuable app store companies are adopting various ASO and SMO Expert Dubai to enhance their customer base.

Why ASO Important?

According to study only 63% of the app have appeared and visible on search. If the companies are not using the ASO for their applications, then it will be hard for the visitors to notice the app in the app store. This is because there are 2 million of apps are in the store and want the attention of customers. ASO is the perfect solution to enhance the application rank and increase the mileage and visibility of apps. Nowadays the optimizations of Social Media Optimization Expert Dubai techniques are highly appreciated.

How to do optimization?

Following are some app store optimization techniques and solutions that every developer should follow to enhance the rank of app and search results.

2018 Best App Store Optimization Techniques-inlogic

Gather information about competitors and customers

If you want to make the ASO strategy effective and strong, then it is necessary for you to know the mentality of the customers with contenders. Gather all the information that how the customers are using the application and what language they prefer more, what are the keywords they are typing to search the app and what are the main reason that they are downloading them etc.

The Social Network Management Agency Dubai also needs to understand the application f the competitors and their uniqueness, with the keywords they are using. Also, come to know the main reasons that the customers are interested in it and install on their phones. Once team gathers all the answers then you may easily roust and stern the ASO strategy.

Select the low competition keywords

The keywords of the application are the game changer in the ASO. We all know that the mobile apps in the app store are in great number. To enhance the visibility of the application and increase downloads then it is good to choose the low competition keywords. It is true that the high competition keywords attract the more traffic than low but to stand out among the app of the same category is difficult.

For the Social Media Management Dubai, it is the wise decision to choose the low competition keywords for the apps to achieve the desired target audience. In the keywords, you are also allowed to use the long tail words to enhance the traffic. Search the best among the list of the keywords which have low volume and low competition to use them ASO.

Select the right title for app

The unique and effective title of the app will help in approving the branding the app and gains the attention. While selecting the title of the application keep in mind that incorporates the keywords. The titles with keywords rank higher in store. App store only allows 255 characters in the title. Make sure do not incorporate the list of the keywords in the title. It will lose the crisp and the intriguing of a title. The title is the first thing the customers will see.

Make a compelling description of the mobile app

The description of the application plays the vital role in the application search optimization. This part of the app helps the customers to know about the functions and the features that are an offered by the company. Create the compelling and lucrative content to install the application. Use the below techniques to write the description.

  • The initial lines of the description should be compelling and intriguing
  • Use keywords in the description
  • Describe the benefits, features and the usage of the app
  • Add a link to the app in the description
  • Updates the updates in the last

Use unique app icon

There are a great number of the apps in the store, so the visual icon of apps is the first impression that cannot be ignored. While planning the icon the designers of the app store and the Google play have the different approaches. The icon size of the apps is at least 1024×1024 pixels.

Use video to increase traffic

The Social Network Management Dubai uses the videos to easily influence the customers. This is the reason that the videos of the app play the pivotal role in the success and app optimization. Make sure that create the attractive and effective video to describe the functions and features of the app. Put the videos on various platforms to get a huge audience and install the app.

Use good reviews and ratings

This is another optimization technique which helps in driving the more traffic to your app. The SMM Expert UAE can go for the third-party publicity to get the high-quality ratings and boos the rank of the app.

Frequently update application

With frequently updating the mobile apps based on the demands and feedbacks of the valuable customers. The applications that are updated on regular basis get the higher level of traffic and value. So it is important for the companies to upgrade the apps based on the feedback and the reviews.


Every company should have social network management services Dubai to adopt the app store optimization techniques to boost the app ranking in-app search pages. It is important to stay updated about the techniques and the tools to optimize the application.

The InLogic UAE has the dedicated team provides the quality services for the mobile app development UAE. We are consistent to develop using the latest development trends to meet the requirements of the customers.