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5 Major Features of Event Management Software Dubai for Professional Event Administration

Event management is the basically a thankless job. If the managers of the event perform them all the duties perfectly, then it is his great achievement. Praise the event manager on his work efficiency and if he fails to achieve the goals and unable to meet the needs and expectations of the attendees, they will go to blame the services for their poor event experience. Large companies who arrange the large events simply can’t take the chances and risk of managing the event. They hire the person that is skilled and can have the perfect error-free Event Management Software Dubai to operate.

We all know that arranging and managing the 2 to 3 day long events is not at all an easy task to do. This is only be done perfectly by the professionally qualified team. An inexperienced team manager is not a correct choice for these types of events. There are many details that should be taken care of arranging the event so that the attendees and the other members of the occasion don’t have any kind of complain and enjoy the event.

The professional managers are aware of all the facts and figures that are necessary for managing the event annually or automatically. The known companies are using the perfect and excellent Event Management Solution UAE. It is crucial to pick and is equally good with all needed features of the event.

Here are some of the features, as a manager you need to look after in the management software event.

Management of attendees

The organizers of the event have to design the customized registration page for the event withal the details, themes and as well as the logo of the company. Allow all the attendees to get register at anytime from anywhere in the world and make them get all the needed information in advance.

In managing the event, a barcode system is a great help in scanning the ids and view each and every item placed in the venue. When all the items are placed and are in the event, the database marks that thing tick off the list. This is the perfect and precise method for keeping all the objects safe and secure from loss.

When you are arranging the event make sure that you have the online community and promote the event to the right audience. The online media help in reaching the targeted people and help them to know about the events. It also helps to know the managers about the likes and he dislikes of the attendees. Here people are able to interact with each other and know about the event whether it is meeting or a conference. They also share the news with their circle to make them aware of it.

The RFID technology helps in providing the scanning facility. If the event is organized in large scale then there will be multiple sessions, scan the attendees and watch the maximum number people that are going to attend the event. The data must be ensuring that is secure from all the loss and hacking. The event management software has the security of data most crucial features. Keep in mind that you select the system that is perfect and have the capability to deal with all the situations.

Marketing the event

The managers are going to integrate the website of the event with the analytical tool to track the behavior of the targeted visitors. This helps in recognizing all the weak points and maximizes the efforts of the marketing to overcome all. The Event Management Software UAE allows you to stream the event live on different platforms including the YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and other online video sharing websites for reaching more people. There is management tool that helps in acquiring the clients and manage the event completely.

Generate reports of event

Make sure that you have the complete data of the attendee and will able to sort it quickly when needed. It is good if you are able to develop a pictorial journey with the special attention. It increases the interest and also improves the participation level of the people.

The event management dashboard should be easily being accessible from both technologies whether it is desktop or handheld device. Managers have the right in the system that they are able to view all the information related to the event and the attendees. This will help out for making the event according to their expectations and requirements.

Event management system for mobile

It is good to design and develop a mobile application for the business event. Make the designed app available on apple and on major OS platforms. It helps in getting register on the app and tablet easily for the event at any time. This also helps the attendees to get updated from all the changes through notifications. This makes the event easily accessible to the people.

Exhibitor and speaker resource center

There are some tools that are designed for the administrator to manage the tasks. The tasks that are performed by the administrator are fully safe and secure and no other person has the right to operate them. The system helps and allows the speakers of the event to express all the preferences, material and upload the resources to reply to the people comments related to the event in positive means.


When you are organizing the event make sure that all the above mention features are present in the InLogic Event Management System. With the system, the job of the manager becomes easier and much faster. It helps in handling all responsibilities with great strategy. It assists in dealing with all the tough situations without losing control.

The InLogic IT Solutions have the skilled and professional team that helps the managers to get the system according to the demands and requirements at a competitive rate. We are available and delivers the exactly what you want. Our team knows its duty and performs them accurately.