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5 Phases of Web Design and Development Process in Dubai

Designers think about the web in terms of the content management system (CMS), wireframes and code but the knowledgeable and professional designers know the reality of the success. They know it does not get via determined code, effective visuals or the social media integration. The designers of Web Design Agency Dubai knows that how to design the website to make it visible to the public and reach all the organizational goals. For this purpose, the online strategies are focused on coming to know what techniques are attracting the visitors to order services and products.

As an expert designer or team lead of the Web Development Companies Dubai, you are responsible and an influence member of the team to develop the valuable online strategy to develop the website. There are many people who can code and design the website but of all of them have the skill to use the tools appropriately and manage the site perfectly. The person who does so is the lead of the project and satisfy the clients by reaching their expectations. If you want to lead a successful website then focus on the keys of the online strategies instead of focusing on HTML, CSS or programming code.


When you are designing and developing the website, it is compulsory to follow the steps that cover all those important and essential topics in building the website and put it live.

Some of designers and developer of Web Design Companies Dubai spend time in the development planning before execution but few are those who spend little or no time in planning and marketing of the websites. In this article, you come to know about the steps and decide which you need and which are not compulsory.

Here is the list of the phases to develop and design the website by the Web Design UAE:

1. Definition of Project

The Web Design Company in Dubai has to communicate and interact with the stakeholders and discuss their issues and introduce their products and services to the targeted audience. The communication is the best way to solve the web design and help to change the strategic directions. From it, the designers and developers come to identify the reason for the site and their goals to achieve. The goal and objectives of the brand will help in making the future decisions and designing the site structure by understanding the key audience needs.

The basic goal of the website is to define the three key measurable that are directly related to the companies ambitions and goals. It will be easy and more reliable if the companies focusing the organization’s goals and build the site more effectively.

Once you gather all the information from the stakeholders make the well-formatted project description. This description contains the four different following elements:

Summary of the Project

Outline the overview the entire project and gather the information of the background of the organization, the existing environment, employee’s attitude and the quality of the services delivering to their customers.

Goals of Organizations

The organization’s main goals should be recognized and listed. They are really important and help in making the website meaningful. The web team that delivers the Website Design Services are more focused and help in moving the organization towards success.

Target Audience of Brand

Make sure that you are sure about the targeted audience whom you are going to target via the website. The Web Development Companies Dubai speaks to many stakeholders, sellers, suppliers and as well as with the partners of the organizations to make it clears about the targeted audience and their need about the brand.


What is the main key that is focused on attracting and engaging the audience with the organization? Provide the key features of the organizations that differ from the competitors of the brand.


Make the checklist of all the rival of the services in the market that are offering the same to the audiences. Overview their strategies and websites, call to actions and the key differentiators to make your business successful.

2. Planning

It is the second phase where the Web Design Companies in Dubai will go to use the all the gather information. They put all together for the website. At this point of the website, the site map is developed.

The sitemap is actually a list of main areas and the topics and all the subtopics if applicable. It is the path that helps that what type of content we have to put and is the essential for developing the successful, easy and consistent navigational system. Keep in mind that the design of the website and the entire list you are going to finalize are according to the specification of patrons. Provide your users an interactive and easy user interface because the good UI can only create an easily navigate website.

In this phase, your professional and Freelance Web Designer Dubai will help you to decide the latest and the best technology for implementation. You have to tell and ask them to use CMS (Content management System), contact forms etc. when planning the website.

3. Designing the Planned Phase

Now it is the time to design and give the look to your imaginations and all the information that is gathered. It is the practical phase in which you come to know that how actually your website will look and feel.

The main focused is the targeted audience that is taken into the consideration. For example, if you are targeted the women the design of the website will fully compliment the women and if it is aimed at teenagers if reflects the interest and likes of them. While designing the other thing that should be kept in mind are the theme and the logo of the company that is the strength and identity of any organization on the website design.

The Web Designing Companies in UAE have the expert designers that have the capability to create the multiple prototype designs for the website of yours. The design is shown in the .jpg image to the customers to finalize to move to the next phase. Some designer’s use the mockups to send through email and some take a forward step and give the customer’s access to view the work progress continues.

When the customers are allowed to view the project progress throughout the designing phase they are communication on and off and get the excellent website match as a result. It always bring the good result, if you closely work with the designers and exchange good and valid ideas until you reach to the final design of the website.

4. Development Phase

The development phase starts with the home page because of it the shell for the other interior pages of the website. It has the main navigational structure for the entire site. Once the shell of the site is ready the whole website is going to provide the content. In this, all the elements like content management system, e-commerce shopping carts or the interactive contact forms are implemented and functional in the development phase as well.

In the ongoing process, the delivered Web Design and Development Services UAE is always available you can able to see the in-progress of the site and can suggest the changes or the corrections which you want in the design.

The good and successful website requires the front end development understanding. This involves the HTML; CSS valid code that fulfills all the web standards and will maximize the functionality and target the larger audience.

5. Testing and Delivering of Project

This point is the delivering point of the developed and designed project from the reliable companies like InLogic UAE. The company and client test the complete functionality of the site to make it error free and smooth in the flow. In this stage, it also looks after that the site should be optimized and gives an excellent review in all the latest and recent versions of browsers.

Once the clients give the final approval to the designer, it is the time to deliver the final product to the clients. For the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to upload the site files to the server to run. There are some companies that offer the domain and the web hosting services as well or either recommend to them. After uploading the files, run the files so that it will be seen that the entire site is running successfully on the servers or not.

Optimize your website and there are the variety of details is involved in this procedure of your website. This is the important and the essential step that should not be neglected. If you design and develop the site professional and do not make it optimized, it is useless because without it the online presence of the website is nil.