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6 Steps of Designing and Developing Website: Web Design Dubai

The web designing services delivered by the famous and the well-known Web Design Dubai companies are all about the delivering the excellent and great user experience to the targeted audience of the website. The web design of the site is going to response the site piece of design (like Yes, No, and WOW). Every designer dream and aim for a Wow factor. It is one of the main factors that makes difference and make the site to stand out from the crown of the competitors.

The site developed by the professional Web Designing Companies in Dubai who completely understand the web design and development process. It is little bit critical process for achieving the goals and vision of the business. The designers of the companies are working hard and are familiar with all the latest trends and techniques used in 2017. The companies that deliver the designing services are dedicated and expert in their work.

In this article, the Dubai Web Design Company uses the different stages to design and develop an appealing and effective website that gives the audience an excellent user experience.

Plan an idea

The idea is the base of every project in all the Web Development Company in Dubai. It is the right step to start. At this stage, the designers and the creators are given an opportunity to become as creative as they are able to become. It is a phase where you are going to develop an idea and refine in your mind as you can do it.

The ideas that are generated by your mind must be shared by the other team of the company and eliminate all the confusion regarding the website objective. At this stage, the developed and designed site project is to represent the scope creep subject. If the scope of the project is not correctly defined then it becomes one of the main reasons for the project failure.

Gather all the requirements

After generating and done with the idea and concept, the next step is to set a meeting with the clients and after sitting gather all the requirements and desires of the clients and note down all of them in one place. The Web Design Agency Dubai conduct research and ask the frequent and important questions from the client during this phase so that the designers are able to make the clear picture of the targeted audience, objectives of the business and the purpose.

At this stage, the type of the content is also decided which is wanted by the targeted audience to read? The gathering of requirements helps the designer to design a web design that is closer to the user’s expectations which will definitely go to increase the satisfaction level of the customers. The good web design improves the user experience and level of satisfaction and trust of the website.

Design a website

Now the third phase where the designers have to put all the gathered information into action by putting all the requirements into logical designs in the wireframes forms. The visual framework of the plan website is good for the clients to understand more clearly. The Web Design UAE companies finalize the visual outlook after the confirmation and review of the business site.

In this phase, they are shown an outlook so that they can view the website and make sure that the given idea provided they coincide with the brand or not? If the website is designed beautifully have all the description of the website and user roles, the user engagement level will be higher. It is good for the designers if they turn on the wireframes into the interactive prototypes and it is as well an easy for them develop the business website.

Development of the website

The companies of Web Development Dubai have to develop a website with the various different web pages. The developers are developing the website pages through different language coding. Make sure the developers are experienced and they continue to refine the code to generate the better results. It decreases the website loading time to a minimum and has the positive impact on the user experience of the developed website. Take a good care of the front end development and as well as the back-end development of the site to ensure that the website meets all the standards of development or not.

Testing of developed website

Once the site is successfully developed website by the Web Design Company Dubai that also offers the development services than the web site has to undergo the rigorous testing to double check that every functionality and aspect is working correctly or not. Check all the functionality of forms compatibility issue, in all the different browsers. Validate the code because it is also an important component of the testing phase. It is the very famous line that reputation takes years to build but seconds to destroy. Check the designing elements too to ensure that it is the perfect website with no bug.

Website maintenance

The web designers of Web design Dubai or the web developer is never ended even after the completion of the website. After the developed site, you can make the site live and then continuous maintenance cycle begins. There are many companies that deliver the separate package for the website maintenance. It refreshes the content of the site in routine and makes the site rank higher. Make sure that you have the backup of the website so that you can secure the site after the cyber attacks.


A good website is come to live after going through these phases. The InLogic UAE is the expert company that delivers the excellent services by keeping the requirements and audience in mind. It gives the best web experience to the valuable visitors. All the stages have their own importance in designing and developing the website. Follow all these stages and make the business of yours expand in the market. Start the project from the initial stage and then move to next.