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8 Effective Mobile App Marketing Tips To Boost Your App Download

In Apple app store there are almost 800k apps are available. When the new Mobile App Development UAE is performed it needs to be extremely effective and efficient and standout among their competitors. It is the major duty of the Mobile App Developers in Dubai and the companies to have the strong idea and have the perfect marketing strategy for the mobile app. Following are the useful tips for the marketing of the developed app online.

ASO (App Store Optimization)

App store and Google Play priorities the applications in a search result based on algorithm and various ranking factors like the tags, ratings, app title, download count, screenshots etc. SEO is the best way to rank the app higher on Google through ASO.

The most of the important factors that are in ASO (app store optimization) is the title of the application. If you are developing some app make sure the title represents it major functionality and use in the app. for the title making use AdWords Keyword Tool of the Google search about the relevant phrases and terms the people are looking for most in their Smartphone. Select the phrase that has the specific search volume and has the various magnitudes of searches.

In the ASO, the team of the Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE needs to fill all the specific compulsory fields while submitting the application to the app store. By doing so make sure that selects the category of item carefully. In SEO the social links are mostly used and are incredibly considered important. You need to focus on the app promotions through the various known and effective social media platforms like the Google+, Twitter, and the Facebook.

Marketing via facebook

There are many few professionals who are really using the facebook as the marketing strategy but actually, it plays the important role in application ranking. It is a most effective way to make the users of Facebook to acquire the mobile application installations. It is the great platform to consider for the marketing point of view. To promote follows the following steps:

  • Try to post to mobile news feeds on the page of the mobile app
  • Insert the page ads again on the mobile newsfeeds about the application that is developed by App Developers Abu Dhabi
  • Install bid type or for conversions use an CPM
  • To manage the ad demographics use the power editor tool like the Qwaya
  • Use the efficient and relevant URL and images post.
  • Tweet for Application promotion

Tweets are also a useful way and are another effective way to drive downloads of the application developed by the Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai. It is good for the companies to always start with the small testing budget and use the different relevant keyword segments to drive the cost-per-acquisition.

Use a viral mechanism in the applications

Again for the Freelance App Developers Dubai, this technique is proven effective and that is the reason is more in talks. The app marketing does not start after you think about it but it is the part of the application during the development phase.

While designing and developing the app gathers all the useful material for the branding of application and also encourage the sharing of the profile on the social media platforms. The growth of the users is linear every year. If the user uses the app and recommends to the others than it is said to be the exponential linear growth and make the app famous among the audience.

Drive positive real feedback

In the ASO, reviews and the feedback of the application is the huge aspect. It is perfectly used by the team of the professionals in convincing the people to download the application on their devices. For the Mobile App Development Abu Dhabi, it is considered the most important to search out for the effective way and drive the positive natural review that will not at all trigger spam filter of Google and Apple.

It is good to be yourself and represent the features and facts that are in the application. If the application is delivering valuable and efficient to the users in return the users return them an effective review for the thanks.

Develop traditional web marketing tactics

Marketing of the mobile applications as compared to a website is comparatively tough because of the limited amount of catchments. The places to target the targeted audience to download the app are an app store, app magazines etc.

If Android App Development Dubai is not able to become successful then SEO around the users will help you out. To reach to the dream number one you need to make the application ore well-organized and effectual.

Retargeting in app

To retargeting the valuable Mobile App Design Dubai, you need to try out really appealing things like to run ads on the different social media platforms like Google, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. The people that visited the app once and have not downloaded it yet need to provide the best. The ads are the great source to convert the visitors of the application into users very well.

Marketing of app via email

The emails marketing is not much [referred and left behind but do not forget that it I one of the effective ways of the traffic diversion. It is good in converting the leads of the app into the customers/ leads. The news feed in social media uses the best information for the potential users. To do so, download the application and respect all the features to be inclined the count of downloads.

Ad network of mobile

When mobile is using the specific ad networks then every person/ individual have the own point of view. In the market, there are countless available networks for recognizing and celebrating the good from bad.


The above mention ideas are great and help the users to market the app. If you are not satisfied by following all the instructions make a contact with the InLogic UAE. To get in touch will make you the happier person.

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