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9 Amazing Content Marketing Tips To Boost Conversion

Content Marketing is not rocket science, but one of the most influential Digital Marketing strategies.

It is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to the site and reach potential customers. Moreover, it provides actionable and useful content to the audience allowing them to get the right information about a specific topic.

So, before heading towards the main topic, let’s first understand what exactly content marketing is?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is more than just editorial strategies and blog posts. It is a holistic approach that depends on the wide spectrum of digital marketing tactics including SEO, paid promotion, social media, email, and SEO to reach the target audience.


There is no secret that content marketing plays a crucial role to boost conversion and that is why 88% of B2B companies are using it in their marketing strategies.

So, let’s talk about 9 content marketing hacks to boost conversion.

Tip 1: Create 100% unique and quality content

Quality content is the key to drive conversion. If you don’t understand what you are writing about, you will never get a chance to engage your readers. To write high-quality content, you need to think from a reader’s perceptive. What they are willing to know? What kind of tone do they prefer? etc. By creating unique quality content, you can easily boost conversion and traffic on your website.

Also, it is important to get acquainted with Google’s duplicate content policy if you don’t want to get stuck in any mess and want to be the on the top-notch rank in SERPs.

Tip 2: Come up with viral ideas

To boost your conversion, you need to come up with new and fresh ideas that are going viral. Write on a topic that evokes high arousal emotions like laughter, anger, fear, loss or pain. When your content evokes the emotion of the reader, they are more likely to relate with the story and share it on social media platforms.

Tip 3: Use Infographics on your content

When you use infographics on your content, you are giving an interesting and eye-catching element to your audience. It will draw their attention and your content will be shared, resulting in conversion. The best infographics can help you to transform any complex information into graphics that are easy to understand and visually appealing. The popular free infographics tools are Visme, Google Charts and Visualize.

Tip 4: Go with in-depth articles

Google loves in-depth articles, even your potential clients will also appreciate when you write it for them. By in-depth we mean informative, detailed and precise. This means you research on a specific topic and write an engaging article of 2000+ words. This super hack will not only show up in the top 10 of Google search engine but will also boost conversion.

Tip 5: Write SEO optimized content using long tail keywords

Make sure your content is SEO optimized. Even if your content is just for readers, you still need to optimize it for SEO. Write SEO optimized content using relevant keywords. Nowadays long tail keywords are in trends that are easier to rank. You can search for the relevant keywords using a tool like Google Adwords keyword planner.

Tip 6: Use Rich Snippets and Microdata

Have you seen a small extract appear under every search engine result? That’s snippets. Rich snippets, which is also known as Microdata were designed by Google to give users a quick answer to their query. In simple words, rich snippets offer you with extra characters to convince your reader if the link is good to click.

If your topic is new, there are maximum chances your content will appear in the snippet and will be shown in position zero. This will draw the attention of the searcher and they’ll be more likely to click on the website, resulting in an increased conversion rate.

Tip 7: Piggyback Your Traffic

There are a number of blogs in almost every niche and each one of them has thousands of views every month. No doubt, creating a content hub requires a lot of time and efforts to get traffic. There is no any sure-shot way to do it. Luckily, there is a way to speed up the process and that’s Piggybacking your traffic.

Piggybacking marketing is a marketing tactic in which you use the popularity of another brand to give your own marketing efforts a boost. It is a great way to draw the attention of buyers to your business and turn them towards your site. Also, it is an easy hack to increase conversion.

Tip 8: Enticing Headlines

Whether you are writing a newsletter, blog entry, web page, sales copy or a business report, if you are not using a good headline, your post will be ignored, deleted or dismissed.

The headline is your first chance, allowing readers to make an instant decision. Always remember, the 8 seconds rule. You have just 8 seconds to draw a reader to your content post. According to experts, equal time should be spent on writing content and writing your headline.

Tip 9: Irresistible Call-to-action

CTA is a major ingredient to any valuable marketing program. Business, profit, revenue, and conversions all depend on the powerful call to action. A successful CTA just involves quick tap or click on the button that results in a conversion.


Quality content always engages existing clients and attracts new visitors and this is the reason content marketing has become an essence of many B2B businesses. If you follow the above hacks, no one can confine your ways to boost conversion.

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