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Best 2018 Open Source E-Commerce Platforms for Web Development Dubai

Every business in this digital era wants to augment their presence and is looking for the best ECommerce Solutions Dubai to enhance their sale mileage. The companies using the best and reliable elucidations for their organizations are able to uplift volume of sales and give them to a good number of customers.

When we are talking about the e-commerce site, it is clear that it should be blessed with all these features to get known among the clients. In this manner, they are able to get global recognition and become a trust symbol among the targeted audience. In IT sector, nowadays e-commerce is latest and known fad.

There are many e-commerce owners from small shops to corporate sectors who are looking for ECommerce Website UAE best platform so they can make contact with the professionals. It will go to save the chunk of money and can also control the online presence. In this article, we are going to discuss the some best open source e-commerce platforms of this year. Below mention best free source platforms for the searchers. Have a look on the below-listed platforms in 2018.

1. Magento

ECommerce Platforms-Magento

There are more than 2 lac users in the market; Magento is a popular free open source platform for the e-commerce. This platform in the market is crammed with many user-friendly features which help the ECommerce Development Company in Dubai to make a site more compelling.

Advantages of Magento

  • You can customize user interface with Magento
  • For up gradation, there is a paid version.
  • Platforms provide the client multi-lingual sites to load it easily

Disadvantages of Magento

  • With many features the Magento make it resource hungry and chunky
  • To use, developers need to have the strong development skill. Only big companies in the market can hire developers as they can only afford time and money.

2. WooCommerce

ECommerce Platforms-WooCommerce

It is undoubtedly a free powerful open-source e-commerce platform which offers the ECommerce Development Dubai a chunk of useful features. It has enough capability to attract the huge volume of the audience to a WordPress website. There are many carts are available at a same time in the industry. This is more effective and easily understandable and accessible for the users of WordPress. The person who wants rich e-commerce website features can use the wooCommerce. It also helps in making a strong web presence.

Advantages of wooCommerce

  • It is a free plug-in for installation and downloading
  • wooCommerce connects to all main payment gateways
  • With the theme, you do not need to work many things except need to incorporate the site content.


  • It is quite expensive open source platform to spend money for the themes, hosting, domain name and extra extensions
  • It has many of the moving parts

3. PrestaShop

ECommerce Platforms-PrestaShop

It is a new-fangled e-commerce open-source platform. There is nearly 850K users use it. It has many features and has a beautiful interface. PrestaShop is easy to operate the software and is considered the ideal for intermediates and the beginners.


  • It is the light weighted platform so the e-commerce site will not go to slow down while living.
  • It has an enchanting and beautiful user interface for developing a number of websites
  • It supports multi-vendor at a time


  • Like Magento, it is not at all a robust platform
  • It is only ideal for the medium size and as well as small-sized businesses.
  • You need to invest amount for the extensions which are not very less

4. Opencart

ECommerce Platforms-Opencart

It is one of the best e-commerce platforms for the Web Design Company in Dubai. As Opencart is easy to understand, use and lightweight, it helps the developers to devel

op the best from it. It is good for the beginners to learn because it takes less time for the customization of the site and develops an e-commerce site for the clients.


  • It is easy to handle and manage by the developers
  • It is the best platform to startup at very low cost
  • The features of the platform are good and robust.


  • The existing features in it are poor as compare to the Magento or other platforms of the market.
  • To make it strong, developers always need an extra plug-in
  • It is ideal for only fresher because the customization option in it are fewer.

5. Zencart

ECommerce Platforms-Zencart

It is very much popular and known among the developers because anyone can easily use it with the scant development knowledge. With the help of the Zencart, people are able to develop the professional website easily and in a hassle-free manner. It is as compare to other open source platforms are more user-friendly.


  • It is one of the security software that helps in protecting the imperative information of the site
  • It has the wide range of the features to use and have the full customization options
  • Developers are able to send HTML emails directly from the website with the Zencart


  • It does not have much add-ons and extensions to offer
  • In upgrading, you may find difficulty
  • It is not able to provide the developers a dedicated support

6. X-cart

ECommerce Platforms-X-cart

The progress of the X-cart platform in previous years is tremendous. It is useful and helps in creating the almost 35k online stores. It is fastest and easy open source platforms in e-commerce realm. It was crammed with many useful and effective incredible features.


  • It supports the developers of ECommerce Website Development Dubai multi-currency and multi-lingual
  • It is open and free with the availability of paid version
  • With any reputed payment gateways, users can easily integrate the shopping cart.


  • You can only directly access the customer support if you pay the extra amount
  • If you go for a paid version, you even need to pay for the website hosting.

7. Drupal Commerce

ECommerce Platforms-Drupal Commerce

It is another popular platform used for ECommerce Web Design UAE. It helps the designers and developers to build the e-commerce site quickly and rapidly with all the important and require functionality.


  • It is one of the powerful platforms and is good to handle by the professional developers in the market.
  • The overall performance and speed of the platform are much better as comer to others because of built-in caching.
  • Online community exists on the platform that helps to remove all the queries.


  • Need a lot of knowledge to handle and manage the Drupal commerce
  • The interface is complicated for the developers for which they may face difficulty
  • You need high speed and power for using Drupal.


These above mention platforms of e-commerce are the best free open source in 2018. From the list, you come to know about their advantages and disadvantages as well. So now you get an idea to select the best depending on the requirements and skills.

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