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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Writers?

SEO & Content Future: Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Writers?

There are many scary facts that content writers may not want to figure out. AI has already generated the content. In the coming years, the AI will probably be the norm and will take over the reins entirely in the content industry. The SEO in Dubai will also be going to be effective with the AI technology in upcoming years.

In the coming 10 years, according to the founder of the Content Marketing Institute the content of the systems will be generated by the software. There are many humans that consume a lot of effort and time to create the SEO content.

If you are an SEO content writer, is it time to just to give up? Now can we accept the defeat and cede the content to work. But if we come to conclusion that how the content writers will remain valuable in the industry the reason behind it is the technology of natural language generation. Every day the SEO Companies in Dubai and all over the world generate the millions and billions of content.

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Writers? SEO & Content Future

AI Generated content software

Following are the thoughts on the AI content creation and SEO content creations. Read the whole article and decide on your own. Meet the little software around the world and get knowledge of the robot writers.

1. Heliograf

The Washington post develops the first specimen in the year 2016 name Heliograf to cover the Olympics in Rio games. The robot generates the short reports for the interested readers. It updates them with the various games outcome including winning the medal awards.

This technology is not at all having the ability to replace the human writers but can update the readers with the updates; it just compiles the data and publishes the reports, stories, insights, and analysis in a good approach. Updating the site on daily basis is also consider the Best SEO in Dubai practice and help the website to rank higher in the pages of search engines.

Cost of the Software

The Heliograph is proprietary software and is not yet available for the public.

2. Wordsmith by Automated Insights

There are many world-famous presses that are using the NLG software to publish their articles and earn. They may use the Wordsmith by automated Insights software. The press uses the NLG technology to transform the raw earning data into thousand of the publishable stories without the much manual efforts.

There are many topics that may be written with the help of the software. It is true that there is a big caveat that is with the success of the software and needs the human instruction to proceed and correct the style and the article tone. To make it write first you need to collect and organize the data and provide it to write the content that may be sometimes a headache.

Before using the software it is compulsory to understand the platform first, interpret it and practice writing. In the software humans is the one who create the template, guidelines and provide the data. It is not at all design for the big organizations and good for the sports and finance. It works virtually for the companies of various sizes.

If need to do as many tasks it is good to have the professional content writer from the companies that offer the SEO Services in Dubai and around the globe.

Cost of the software

The cost of the wordsmith is not available but you are allowed to request for the personal demo of the software for the business.

3. Quill

Quill represents the good image of the NLG technology power. It is competent of carrying the complex tasks and run on any device. It develops the insightful narratives of the machine or human-compiled data by analysis. Per day the software can write 1 million words which any SEO Company Dubai can dream for.

Cost of the software

Online the pricing information is not available but from the reach, it comes to know that the cost depends upon the type of the story and on data set.

Top 3 reasons why SEO human writer are irreplaceable

Relax if the AI generated content software is making you anxious for the job of future. With the enhancement in technology, it is still not proficient at replacing the human resource. Here are the following top 3 reasons for what no SEO Expert Dubai has to worry.

SEO & Content Future

Human touch is not replicated

We all know that robots are robots; they are emotionless and have no preferences and memories in addition to the decision power. This is the main reason that no robot can replace the human writers. The human can deeply explain and can better understand the things while robots can only bare the statements of facts.

The SEO Agency Dubai knows that the Google valuable the meaningful and useful data. The robots can only write the content without caring that is it readable or not while humans use the languages and the way that can be comprehensible to the readers easily.

Human-generated content is affordable

Some AI generated content is not story based and are hard to understand. The content that required the research and complete attention is only be generated by the humans. It is not at all expensive while the AI generated content is expensive. The Search Engine Optimization Dubai companies prefer the human resource instead of the software to rank higher.

Human writers are relatable

Human writers are more relatable or sympathetic as compare to robot writers. The humans know the level of other humans and are acquainted with the ways to engage their attention via social media posts, blogs, and other ways. The SEO Dubai Company connects with the followers to share the products and services of the companies in a fascinating mode. They make the other person emotionally in touch because they write in an emotional way.


Robots are good at creating a large amount of data while the content is not appealing and will not engage the readers for the longest time. There are many companies who are looking for the Top SEO Companies in Dubai to rank their website higher in search engines. The best way is to communicate with the InLogic UAE for the best SEO content.