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Future Of Mankind With Mobile Apps: Top App Developers Dubai

The evolution of mobile application has started to take shape, as it is opening up new paths. The app development sector is heading towards a great revolution due to various advanced market trends. These future smart apps have the potential to become an active part of our lives closely understanding our unique individual behavior.

Technology has always been handy for those who want to bring about a change in this world. Keeping future goals in mind, innovation in mobile app design and Mobile App Development Dubai should be considered from a new perspective.

As internet and computing have become a dominant part of the economy, the transfer of knowledge is happening from machine to human. Knowledge is now stored in countless servers, displayed on websites and accessed by apps. People today are using mobiles devices to do everything they want, hence mobile is just more than having a responsive Web Development Agency Dubai.

Mobility and applications concept

Mobile Apps can benefit your Ecommerce Business. Smartphones today use the location of users together with the background information to provide cool shopping deals, personalized to the shopping behavior of the shoppers. Starbucks app uses location data to let you know if you are near a cup of coffee. A notification shows up on your home page when you are near the Starbucks store.

Recently, apps are more likely to play a significant role in increasing the acceptance of mobile barcode usage. Providing technology to the end users, the mobile barcode space offers significant opportunities for vendors to connect with end users via any mobile device. These innovative features enhance the popularity of smartphones – as we know, 91% of adult UAE population already owns a smartphone.

It is all about intelligent apps, doing the work for mankind and providing relevant information and services at the right time and to the right customer. iOS or Android mobile app developers, all around the world are working hard on bringing new and innovative applications to mobile devices. Future iOS mobile app design should be such that more and more people start to use the app more than the mobile website.

The Advancement in Mobile Apps with AR, IoT, M2M and Big Data. The next shift in knowledge will be far more dramatic. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Internet of Things application will communicate via machine-to-machine or M2M. Objects like connected cars, wearables, smartphones, iBeacon will begin to communicate in a way that no entrepreneur/designer/developer have yet imagined.

As these connected devices, penetrate deeply into homes and offices – the sharing of data between machines will exponentially increase. This is known as Big Data which will primarily govern the development of mobile apps in years to come – creating a totally new user experience. Such trends will keep Android mobile app developers busier in the future.

Better use of Big Data will allow apps to understand the user better. In future iOS or Android, mobile apps will start thinking on their own. Fitness apps use an accelerometer to track how fast a user is running and apps like Uber use smartphone’s GPS to track the location and smartphone ultrasound attachment. The Android / iOS Mobile App Development Dubai community is looking for interesting designs to improve the UX and get more people on the apps.


The connected world is coming soon mobile apps are thinking about taking advantage of connected cars, intelligent refrigerators and televisions, which act as the hub of the entire smart home. The apps will have the potential to control technological areas like wearables, smart homes, connected televisions, smart cities, retail industry, health, and fitness.

The bottom line is that mobile device production and usage is increasing year after year giving iOS / Android App Developers Dubai, great opportunity for growth. It is correctly said that apps have become an integral part of the digital ecosystem. The future of mobile application development is aimed at solving complex problems of the real world, faced by people in real life. Such future apps will be fruitful to mankind if they have some unique problem-solving capabilities!