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How can Salesforce users be Benefitted by Cloud-Based Event Management Software UAE?

All kind of businesses uses the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage the budget and the customers simultaneously. The Event Management Software Dubai helps to create and track the accounting services and administrative every day seamlessly. Many CRM systems using companies prefer the cloud-based management solutions to customers. The main benefit is that it is easy to use and the best choice for online registration process and secure payment solutions within the sales force platform.

The online service providers are good and unique designs that can be used by the well-known organizations to manage the event more conveniently and quickly. The software has the capability of managing all tasks of the occasion that is going to take place in future. With the system, managers are able to get online registration process that allows the attendees to get register for the event from anywhere in the world at any time. There is also online payment software that allows the managers to accept the money that is sent by the company via PayPal, credit cards and other different gateways that are used in the market.

The sales force connector enables the application to automatically integrate the data between the CRM and the event solution database seamlessly. The connectors of the organizers with the help of the software make it easy to invite the leads and contacts from the CRM. With this, it automatically updates the records with the help of registration data for making the tracking procedure easier in addition to the reporting the event organizers.

There are many of the Event Management Solution UAE providers offers the best way of exchanging the information with the help of the bidirectional synchronization of the connector’s system and Database. If you are not familiar with the term AppExchange certified connector then here is the explanation.

Basically, App Exchanger is the first marketplace in the World for the Cloud computing services and applications. When the sales force connector gets approved by the marketplace then it becomes the certified solution. This means the managers or the sales force connectors of the company must fall under the list of the thousands of customer’s site. You need to access it immediately. This is because the value of the management solutions and the software’s in market increases the value of it tremendously once it is listed on AppExchange among other software solutions.

The sales force is started using the event management solution for the following reasons. Have a look and decide the best for the event you are going to organize in future.

Manage web-based registrations

The setup and managing the online web-based registration process s really much helpful for both the delegates and the managers of the event organizations. It allows the attendees to register for events that are going to take place across the world at any time they feel relax. It is available for all type of events including the meetings, conferences, awards etc.

Manage events without interface

The event planners are expert in their work and have the precise Event Management System Dubai for the particular events. They manage and deal with all kind of issues and execute all the activities online without leaving the connectors interface.

Using email marketing tool

The managers of the event are skilled, passionate and dedicated. They are familiar with all the work they have to do according to requirements and expectations of the clients. They know the good use of the email marketing tool. With the assistance of it, they are effectively managing the notifications, invitations, and reminders of the event.

Automatically synchronization

The Event Management Software UAE that is available in the market is giving the facility to the managers to sync the contacts, leads and the campaigns automatically in the sales force. It facilitates the managers and the marketers to sort the contacts whenever they needed and send them the notification and specific information. It makes the handling of data easier and avoids data duplication.

Accept online payments

The event management solutions that deliver the perfect, safe, quick and secure payment methods to the delegates are mostly more known and preferable in the market industry. The managers of the event accept the payments online through the sales force CRM software.


The certified system helps the event organizers to organize the memory to improve the relationship with the customers simultaneously. With it, the collection of feedback of the post-event is easier and also able to check the history of the event attendees efficiently. With the help of InLogic Event Management System, managers are able to create and manage the successful and error-free seminars and trade shows. Planners are able to arrange simple and as well as complex fundraisers, parties and similar market happenings in coming days efficiently.