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How Cost-Effective Is Your Android App Development in Dubai?

Mobile apps are part and parcel of our lives today. We use mobile apps for various reasons be it business, fun or infotainment. Most enterprises realize the potential of mobile apps; maintain them for promotional and marketing purposes. While all this sounds great, is it that simple to develop a mobile app?

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our life, be it Android, iOS or Windows. And that is why app industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Currently there two major platforms on which people are looking to get their apps developed.

Be it Android or iOS, the cost of developing the app depends on the type of application. So if you develop an app for the iOS App Development platform, you should also do it for Android and vice versa as well. Obviously having both versions will increase the overall development cost. So does Android projects costs more than iPhone apps?

One may first opt for an iOS app and then afterward considers its Android version. Several of these mobile application development companies offer a cost-effective solution because of availability of a large number of Android app developers in the market. Android is catching the fast attention of users today. Being an open source by nature, Android is the best choice for businesses.

As Android is based on Linux kernel, it makes it flexible and reliable platform for developing mobile apps. It is not limited by the operating system and hence is very popular for Android App Developers Dubai.

How to Arrive On App Cost Effectiveness? Android application development is not too expensive.

One can easily get your app built by a good Mobile App Development Company Dubai at a reasonable price. There are several mobile app development companies that provide app development services at a reasonable price. The type of features you would want to incorporate in your app will determine the costs you would incur on the same.

It all depends on the type of app you want to develop, the mobile app development company you appoint, the final app quality that you are looking for, your app marketing strategy and so on. The Android app developers can also create various applications without incurring license costs.

Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai offer customized Android development solutions built with high-quality standards, at the most affordable costs. Mobile app development companies offer a comprehensive set of packages, aiding you to hire Android app developers, according to your needs and requirements.

Today’s Android app developers are well versed with all tools and technologies, and keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the industry. One can Hire Android App Developers Dubai as per your business needs. The cost of native app development will be on the higher side. However, a Hybrid Android App Development will cost a bit less as HTML5 coding will consume less time.

Factors governing app developmental costs. The development price depends on a number of factors that are needed to successfully implement an idea, and include needed talent, the type and complexity of the project, and post-release support. The hired Android app developers will keep you updated with the development and progress of the project. Depending on the project requirements there are millions of features that add to the technical complexity of the project.

57% of users say that they do not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site, be it on Android or iOS. Analyze your project needs and choose the platform according to your business goals. The Android application development market is vast and offers great scope for Android app developers and companies to succeed beyond their expectations, by making a very little investment.

Angry bird is one great game app that has maintained its immense popularity among the masses. Many other such apps have been successful; this one emerged as a top-selling app, by making the maximum amount of revenue. The hired Android app developers would help your business to grow bigger and faster in the digital world. Also, they assure exceptional quality work, precise project development cycle and quick turnaround time.

In general, it would be wise to think about the quality of the app, then the total app development cost because low cost often means compromising with the quality. Your major concern should be to get the maximum ROI for your efforts. If paying greater price guarantees greater returns, one should definitely consider this a profitable deal.

get-android-app-servicesInLogic IT Solutions believes in creating mobile apps that are not just good looking, but also inspiring, impressive, noteworthy and engaging. We work with every type of company to understand their users and to design and develop their mobile strategy. Our Mobile App Development Dubai team love what they do, and their dedication and commitment are what keep our clients coming back.