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How Important are Backlinks & How to Create Backlinks in 2018?

It is totally up t the owner of the business that where they want to show the site in the result of the search. There are total 200 ranking factors used by the search engine to make the reliable decision. The one main factor that is very often used by the SEO Expert Dubai is backlinks. In 2018, are backlinks are still important?

What is meant by Backlink?

The simplest and easy definition of the backlink is actually a link that is used on a different website and points your website. It is also known as an incoming link or the inbound link.

The backlink of the site is signified by the href attribute in the code of HTML. The URL of the website does not automatically generate the website backlink. The links are only created on the site by using the href code that is added in the HTML so that whenever the readers and visitors of the site click the link they will redirect to your website. Mainly the backlinks of the site are shown with the underline or used a different color.


How to find backlinks for the website?

The backlinks are common places in the following areas by the Digital Marketing Expert Dubai. Have a look at them and place in the right place.

  • On Yelp, in the company reviews
  • On Google, business listing
  • Post on your social media platforms of a company like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account,
  • The west, Northwest, Houston Metropolitan or numerous another Chamber website
  • On the address of the company on Apple Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest, Bing Maps
  • On the yellow page, describe the details of the company
  • Write your company articles in the Houston Chronicle

Following are the few other ways and the website that is used by the SEO and SMM Expert Dubai to give the backlinks to your business.

Business listing

It is necessary for the business owner that their website is listed in the local directories that are serving the Houston area. These are not only the place where you are able to get the backlinks for the website but it also helps the users to find the specific website here.

National directories

The sites where the visitors visit to review the services of the business should include the listing factor to the website. The Search Engine Optimization Agency Dubai includes places like the Houzz, Yelp, Angie’s List and the TripAdvisor. If the website of your business has the job listing then it is good to share that information on the Glassdoor, Indeed, Career builder or the

Social media platforms

When the content writer writes a new blog for the business, it is good to share it on social media platforms like the facebook. It is best Social Media Marketing Dubai activity used by the experts. Professional will also tweet about the product and the services with the help of hash tags with the details of the blog link. If the company is about the jobs then share the jobs description for the job seekers on Linkedln. It is the good source to give the link back to the site by putting them in front of potential new employees.

Commenting on blogs

The SEO Expert UAE knows the significance of the commenting on an article or a blog post on third party site which are having the link to your site. When you leave the comment on the blog, you can also place the link of the site while posting it. Keep in mind while posting the comment on any post on a website that it is relevant to your products and services content of the site.

Guest posting

If you are able to write a good quality content and have the well-thought-out idea about the topic then post the content on the other relevant site. This is the third party content where you are not going and trying to sell the services of the company. It is posted for the user’s benefit.

Does google is using backlinks

Google love to have the backlinks and even relies the ranking on it. It helps the search engine to recognize the good and bad content on the internet. Google uses an algorithm that ranks the website. The signals reward the website ranking.

How to create relevant backlinks?

In the Search Engine Optimization Dubai, it is fact that the website should have the backlinks that are helpful for the algorithm of Google to recognize your site.

Make sure that while using the backlinks on the website they are relevant to the business products and services. The Social Network Management Services Dubai uses the most relevant links to your site. The main goal of them is not only getting the links to site but also provide quality and unique content to visitors.


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