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How to Boost the Workflow of Web Development in Dubai?

Nowadays digital tools are used in the market because they have the potential to revolutionize the organizational operational. There are many Web Development in Dubai organization are using the digital tools to make the development easier and reliable. While developing the web the workflow has challenges for the developer but selection of precise tool helps them to maintain all activities with ease.

Following are the top 5 tools to boost the workflow of the web development. Have a look and select the right tool for your development procedure.


Trello offers the best and good list of features to Dubai Web Design Company with the user-friendly interface it helps to keep the track of tasks and the projects that are ongoing. Trello gives the complete overview of the project that what is being done and on what tasks the team is working? It is a board system that provides you the overview of the business site on boards and it is further divided into the subsections of boards into cards and lists.

The projects of the company are grouped into the collection to deal them in an effortless way. The system has the services on various different platforms for the users such as Mobile applications, kindle fire support and web interface. This system is helpful and is consider the best represented of the project. The main strength of the system is its easy interface.

How to Boost the Workflow of Web Development in Dubai-trello

How to use the Trello?

Following are the few easy steps to start the use of the trello.

Add the list of projects and edit list

On the board, double-click with the mouse at any free space. It will open the add list pop-up for you to add the list of the tasks. Here you can also decide the position of the list with the name before clicking on add button.

To Add Attachment

In the Trello, you are allowed to drag and drop the multiple files from the system. You can also attach images available on other websites to the card and upload them.

Create board and card

By clicking on + sign on the top, you can create the board. It is easy to use and get started with trello. There are many other tools that make it best and helps in boosting the workflow of development of Web Development Company in Dubai.


Slack is one of the famous and best managing tools that facilitate the developers to communicate in the workplace. It makes the interaction easier and smoother between the coworkers with some of the useful advanced features to improve the workflow and improve the collaborations. In the slack, you are able to share, drag and drop your files within the conversation that is done on slack. Here you can include the PDFs, Spreadsheet, images etc. it also integrates with other apps and helps you to stay longer without switching much.

How to Boost the Workflow of Web Development in Dubai-slack

How to use Slack?

To start using the slack, visit the website of the software and get register with the valid email address. The site will send you a custom URL which can be used as the invitation of slack to send to co-workers to join and become a part of the conversation. Through slack, the code snippet is shared will ease the work for developers work. Slack is not just used for the communication tool but is the great platform and fun to use with easy customization features.


It is one of the best and great tools used by the Web Design Agency Dubai. It accurately worked as a git repository manager. The software offers the best tracking features by using the open source license. This will give the best and entire control of handling the projects and allows deciding whether you want it private or public for free. It is the powerful tool for planning and keeps all the projects of the company synchronized regardless of the process and timeline.

With the software, the developer can also manage and view the code and the data of the project. GitLap has the strict quality standards of the production code with reporting and testing. The tool demands the legal and licensing requirements to use. All the data that is stored in the system is secured.

How to Boost the Workflow of Web Development in Dubai-gitlab

How to use GitLap?

To get started create a group on the GitLap so that you are able to manage the milestones of the project if you are dealing with numerous projects. The board instantly set the status of the projects and assigns the different milestones for the issues. You can filter the issues on any properties easily.


Postman is the great tools used effectively by the Web Design Company in Dubai for interacting with the APIs and having the powerful best testing features. It is the Google Chrome app. The application is basically graphical user interface for the request and reading response. The app offers the add-on package called the jetpacks. This includes the automation tool and most crucial of the testing library of JavaScript. To run the postman collection, the command line tools used Newman. It is the great tool for testing and has the ability to test regularly.

How to Boost the Workflow of Web Development in Dubai-postman

How to use Postman?

It allows the professional Web Designing Companies in Dubai to create the collection of integration tests and also make sure that API is working exactly the same as it is expected. The tool performs following tasks well:

  • Create the test suits easily
  • For running tests in various environments, it stores the information
  • It stores the data to use it on other tests.
  • On the fly testing facility
  • Effectively integrate with the build systems like Jenkins by using the Newman

As it is proven that the images are easier for the brains to comprehend instead of the words. It helps us to remember the information graphically than anything we read. is an online diagram editor tool that is used by the professional Web Design UAE team. It enables them to create the UML, Entity relations, flowcharts, mockups, network diagrams and much more. With the you are able to connect to the Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, GitHub, Trello or device to create and save the presentation.

How to Boost the Workflow of Web Development in Dubai-draw

How to use

It does not demand user information and ask you to register or login to use this tool. You can simply install it on your device and start using it directly. It allows you the fooling things.

  • Use your own elected fonts
  • Create the container shape
  • Create fixed and floating connections
  • You can use it offline
  • Publish embed HTML and link
  • You can use automatic and animation layout


Plan a workflow of Web Development Companies in Dubai is not just a matter of few hours. It demands the huge experience and requires the useful homework of team. The companies have to be careful while selecting the tool to manage and handle the process efficiently. InLogic UAE is the best site that improves the quality of the developed site and apps in planning the tasks and projects milestones in dynamic ways.