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How to Boost your Mobile App Development Skills in 2018?

To learn anything, reading is considering the best way and it’s also true for the developers. If you are passionate and dedicated, you need to read more code. To do Android App Development Dubai, blogs, forums, books are good sources having no comparison with open source, fully functional projects where you are able to find the entire resources of the app in front of you.

mobile-app-development-dubaiAll the developers need to do is sit and read the same code. In this article, we listed some best open-source Android app from various genres and categories to fulfill the needs of development learning. You are easily downloading the following app from Google play store to have a hands-on experience before learning the code deeply.


We all know that video and photo apps are one of the most known and famous apps Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE and around the world for the valuable users. It can find on any smartphone and tablets. LeafPic is one of best and known open-source gallery app, developers can try and learn.

It is easy to understand, simple and suitable for beginner developer. The dynamic theme of the app is the best thing for the developers. It is one of the things that many of them are in search to get know how.

Simple Calendar

The calendar app is build using the Kotlin and is easy to use. If you are really looking forward to learning Kotlin, then this app is one of the best ways to initiate.

The main goal is to make the new beginners to learn the new language perfectly for developing apps. In this app, you are able to know how to make the custom desktop widgets for the Android mobile phones.

Easy Sound Recorder

Looking for the easy to use, simple and useful sound recorder app for the Android? If yes then this is the best project to start your journey for learning about the audio manipulation and the recording in Android. It is a small project and is simple to understand for the beginners. With the help of it, you are able to learn the basics of material design used by Mobile App Development Company in Dubai.

Amaze File Manager

The app that is mostly filed in most of the android devices is the file manager. It may look simple to you but is actually difficult to get for the platforms of Android and their devices. There are many things you may learn it from this. Most commonly you understand how to handle file properly on SD cards. The programming standards of this app are not way up to the mark that is used in this project.


It is a simple app presents in Play store for the stitch the photos horizontally or vertically. It is actually simple to do. It is good to start your journey and learn the basics of Android. The app is developed by keeping the best practices in mind and has the top-notch coding standards.

This app also helps you to create the simple, useful custom views to help you to get ready for your foundation and make you move to create the complex view in future.


It is straightforward and simple app manager for your device. The Freelance App Developers Dubai idealizes this project if they want to learn the detail information about the application installed on the android device, extracting the APKs from the app and uninstall apps.

The standards of coding used in this project are quite good and are applicable to follow up. It also gives you the idea to plan a simple app and clean design.


The simple and lightweight file manager designed for the android devices is AnExplorer. It is useful for the Mobile App Development Dubai. In this there are a lot of the things to learn including the handling of the file, management of the root, custom views, loader etc. It is perfectly developed open-source project that does not take a lot of the time to understand the happening inside it.


The main goal of this app is simple. It lists the popular trailers, reviews, and movies. The thing that makes it favorite for the App Developers in Dubai and across the world is the way of implementing the things. In the app, there are really cool kinds of stuff available like the Uncle Bobs Clean Architecture, MVP, and taste of the RxJava and the injection of dependency by using the Dagger 2.

It is quite simple but the way of things implemented in this project is fantastic and have worth a look in the market.

Minimal ToDo

If you are beginners and want to learn Mobile App Development, thus this is the simplest project to start with. With this, you are able to get known with basics and fundamental aspects of Android development applications.

The app design is decent and serves the best for beginners. But the coding standards of the projects are not up to the mark and no need to follow the code and should be avoided.


If you are looking to brush up the material design skills, then InstaMaterial is just for the beginners of Mobile App Design Dubai. It is the application that replicates the Instagram application parts in a beautiful appealing material design.

There are many Material design elements, transitions, and animations in this app, which you can easily understand and can use in your own projects. It is simple to understand for the beginners and is suitable for them to improve their designing skill.


If Mobile App Development UAE developers want to build a full-featured note-taking app like the Evernote, then this project is for them to start with.

This android app is quite big with lots of the features like searching and sharing the notes, attaching the videos, images, audios in the notes of yours and adding a reminder to t and much more.

You can also learn another cool thing is the integration the app with the Google Now from this project.


Above shared several open-source Android apps are just for your help. But if you do not understand and want to develop an android app, make a contact with the mobile app development company Inlogic UAE. We have a professional knowledgeable team to collaborate with you and give you the outcome you are expected.