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How to Organize the E-commerce Website?

When Web Design Company in Dubai builds an online beautiful e-commerce website, they need to improve the traffic and visibility on search engines. In this kind of site, products are listed online and are ready for sale. In initial days, it is not possible to generate the expected sales. If the designed site is getting a lot of clicks but the conversion rate is low. A clear, professional and organized taxonomy help you to increases the sale and engage customers on the website.


What is taxonomy?

It is the system that is designed to organize the products that are having the same properties under the same category. The main example of the taxonomy is that in the bookstore you are able to find books on the shelves into their specific taxonomies like health, cooking, science-fiction etc. there are basically following two main taxonomy that are used in the e-commerce website.

  • Flat Taxonomy
  • Hierarchical Taxonomy

What is flat taxonomy?

It is the list of the simple items that are grouped into categories which are considered on the equal level. This is used by the Dubai Web Design Company for the basic navigation menu. A flat taxonomy in the e-commerce website means that all the items are going to be represented under the same category and are given the same importance.

What is hierarchical taxonomy?

It is mainly represented as a flowchart or a tree with the few main categories and some subcategories. The subcategories are nested inside the main category in the site.

When you visit the bookstore you are going to find the main category of the books is fiction and the subcategories of it would be western, Science fiction and romance.

How to use taxonomies on E-commerce website?

When Web Development Company in Dubai is planning out the website, the taxonomy feature of the site makes it easier for the products and content to find the valuable visitors. It is really important for you to recognize your main audience and come to know that how they are using and exploring your designed site.

There are main following three parts of the taxonomy of the e-commerce website.

  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Attributes

If Web Design Dubai experts do not pay attention n the above parts of the taxonomy when you design the site for the first time, now it is the great chance to update the look of the website as it needs to make it appealing to the visitors.

Below we are going to discuss the main three parts of the taxonomy for more clarification. Have a look.

Categories of the product classification

The categories of the products are the largest bucket in the e-commerce website and Web Designing Companies in Dubai group the similar products into same groups. If you are running the e-store the items are carefully categorized according to their specifications by the experts. It helps the visitors to easily filter the required products from the website for which that are looking here and there on the internet.

Tags of products help in filter similar items

The categories are the great help for the shoppers and the visitors to find their desired item in few clicks and come to know what products are sold out, whereas tags help them in searching the similar items through the search by simply applying the filter. The Web Design Agency Dubai place the search bar for the shopper and buyers to look on different topics.

Website attributes for small details

When the categories are filtered from the website in tags refined in the search bar. Attributes are used by the experts for the small details like the item color and fonts. When the visitors of the site want to search the particular item from the list, you need to look in the list of the category I which it may lie instead of searching with the brand name.

The product may be belonging to only one category but can have the multiple tags and attributes applied to it. Once the Web Development Dubai experts use the various tags and the attributes for the products, you are able to create the new category that is based on those written attributes.

Visitors can use the tags and the attributes for the product to populate it by using the tag You May Also Like category. When visitors come to shop something from the site they may purchase the items that are tempted the same category from the website as well. This satisfied the customers and makes them come again to the website for the particular products. They may look further potentially buy other products from you.

How to implement taxonomies?

Now you know what actually the taxonomy is and why it is crucial for the e-commerce website. It is important for the all e-commerce website owners to check their site entirely according to the taxonomy. For that, you need to draw the hierarchical tree to plan and organize the changes.

Monitor and updates changes by the experts of Web Design UAE companies will generate the good response rate of users. From it, you come to the conclusion that is the engagement of the visitor’s increase? Has the overall sale improved? Or if there are some other areas of refining in the site, identify them. Creating the taxonomy and maintaining it is the basic task of the web design, development marketing, and optimization processes.

It is really important to organize the website and the business products. Checking this feature is the regular part of the experts of the website.

How to help out E-commerce website?

If your sales are lagging and you are looking for the professional and reliable taxonomy help, the web design exerts of InLogic UAE is here to help you out. Make contact and sort your all issues and queries with the help of the great assistance of our team. We have a hardworking passionate team to provide you best services for the site competently.