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How will Mobile App Development Evolve in 2018?

After the Mobile App Development UAE revolution in 2017, Al-based applications of mobile to set the impact in the year 2018. The created app is all-friendly. In markets, there are new versions of Smartphone that are released every day in a market to serve the users and also multitude their needs. The new versions of the devices are the main reason for the tremendous rise in mobile application industry.

The rise of the market is undoubtedly impressive. There are total 1500 apps are added to app store every day and almost 3000 apps are introduced to the play store in Android. This number will increase more after years and maybe in a personalized manner.

Introduction of Al-based mobile apps

After the mobile revolution in 2017, now in the market al-based mobile app are introduced and have the great impact in 2018. It is already predicted that present year is personalization. There are many solutions and applications are easily available in store for the issues every day now. In the market, the intelligent apps, virtual assistance, chatbots and all the trendy things are setting their importance in all the users life.

This year is completely competitiveness and personalized technology. Al-based mobile apps are going to rule and evolve the technology world in 2018. Have a look on the below material.

Machine learning and AI

In the mobile app development, the AI is the new phenomena to introduce. That is why Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE is adopting it faster. The developers focus on learning and pay their attention in AI on a priority basis. This year the development of the applications are considered boundless in the field. It is perfectly integrated with the machine learning with the same. The developers are good at analyzing the effective data for the use and taking the best decision to make the app better and standout.

Cloud-based integration

In the coming time of the industry AI (Artificial Intelligence) has the great impact in mobile apps. The cloud-based make the work easier for the Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai to develop the application and make the process smooth. Therefore this technique helps to consume the less spacer of the user’s mobile phones and helps in increasing the capability of the app. This decreases the overhead cost because the application is hosted. This also increases the revenue that is generated by the mobile app.

Analytic services in mobile app

The al-based mobile application is going to enhance the all the features and enterprise analytic procedure that is incorporated into the new environment perspectives. The perspective in the app development done by the Mobile App Development Abu Dhabi professionals includes the hugely scaled functionalities of enterprise, embedded analytics are few examples. This feature in the app plays its role and gives the better and decisive moves to the development company. The company becomes intelligent, more efficient and well planned. It also helps in making the communication better and processes in serving the goals of the company in a better way.

AR and VR integration in app

Augmented reality in the mobile industry is one of the latest and newly arrived phenomena in the industry. Now the industry is focusing on gaming from so many years but now it is penetrating the mobile world around engineering, healthcare, real state, studies etc. the app of this section is offering the strong visual experience no matter a professional or Freelance App Developers Dubai have to develop it. The people will go to love it ever done. This factor is the prime USB in the mobile app development via AI. In the present era, from the research, it is proved that the AR and VR are going to rise and will be going to reach the 1580 million mobile applications.

Internet of things (IoT)

Since 2017, the IoT is trending in the mobile market. In the future, it may expand and grow even further. Nowadays all the things around us including the lights, appliances of home and kitchen are IoT surrounded. This is because now every device is connected and that is why the al-based mobile app has a great impact on the growth and is present in the sphere.

Apps that are location based

Artificial Intelligence in the mobile application that is location-based makes it effective by making the process of search easier. With the help of it, you are able to track the nearby things with no trouble for which you are looking here and there. For location-based applications, App Developers in Dubai takes the great assistance of the Cortana, Alexa, Siri and Google Map.

With the help f such app, the users are able to look up for everything they are in search and also able to detect the location with the Smartphone help. The applications competently synchronize it with them and provide the people accurate result for what they are looking for.


Making the mobile world better

There are many Android App Development Dubai are introduced and are coming up for many years but the AI trend has risen the scale and set an efficient trend. These help the user of the application to live a better life and also help them to track the things they require. This serves the people in an enhanced manner every day.

The mobile application and AI combine to robust the rise in the popularity of the AI mobile apps with the user feasibility. The companies need to hire the skill for the app development such as the InLogic UAE. We are qualified and benefit the users in many aspects.