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Identify Theft: The RFID Technology

Much has been written about protecting yourself online. Many people refuse to shop online – believing it’s just not safe. Wonder how those people will react upon learning that walking in the mall may present a greater danger than online shopping? Welcome to the world of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

For years, credit card companies have used a magnetic stripe on the back of credit cards. Swipe the card and your information is transferred to the seller – completing your transaction quickly, but evidently not quickly enough.

In order to make credit card transactions even faster most credit card companies are switching to RFID. RFID’s are electronic “chips” embedded in your credit card. These RFID chips may contain your name, address, account number, Social Security Number, account balance, employer information, etc. Please notice the qualifier “may”.

inlogic-rfid-solutions-dubaiEver simply waved your credit/debit card at a terminal instead of swiping the card? Congratulations – you used an RFID enabled card. The problem – RFID card readers are readily available online (Amazon sells them). Someone with an RFID reader bumps into you while shopping at your local mall and instantly captures information on your credit card.

Credit/debit card companies are responding to this very real threat by limiting the information embedded in the RFID chip and encrypting that information. Opinions differ regarding the success of the measures taken to secure RFID Chips.

Credit card companies accept, for the most part, the risk of credit card fraud. If you’ve ever had money stolen from your account and notified your credit card company, you know the procedure – after an investigation, the stolen funds are typically returned within 10 days. What if the information stolen is embedded in your driving license or your passport?

Surprise – your passport, if issued after 2006 contains an RFID chip. Don’t worry, according to the government no personal information is stored on the chip, just an ID number which points to your record in the government’s database. Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

Apple, Google, and many other computer/gadget manufactures are exploring the use of RFID chips on mobile devices – don’t pull out your credit card to check out – grab your phone instead.

Are RFID Tags 100% secure? No. Do you have a choice? You can always contact your credit card company/bank and request cards without RFID. I wouldn’t try that tactic with governmental agencies.

Credit cards embedded with RFID appear to be a minor problem compared with the implications of governmental agencies using the chips. Imagine you have an RFID enabled driving license and you walk by a policeman – without your knowledge the police can scan your license and receive detailed information. Is this a violation of your right to privacy and protections against unlawful search?

The Supreme Court has upheld laws requiring people suspected (now how open ended is the use of suspicion as the qualifier) of involvement in a crime to give their names to police upon request – soon, no request will be necessary for much more detailed information. What happens in this scenario if you don’t happen to have your RFID ID with you? Would you be subject to arrest?

Security is always a double edged sword – how much freedom are we willing to give away for safety? And you thought this article was all about protecting your identity – guess what – it was.

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