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In 2018 Best Practices for Mobile App Security you need to Learn

Mobile application usage is increasing day by day and is thriving hurriedly. Here the companies have to show the security concerns of applications. From the research, it is come to know that there are 400 large organizations in the market which are paying zero budgets towards the important mobile application security feature. This study is quite disappointing and shocking. The security of the application does not only demand the chunk of money to spend but also flourish and establish the tarnished image in the mobile market. So Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE knows the importance of using the mobile app security feature and its benefits these days.

There are many application security breaches of mobile which the reputable organizations should keep them in mind so that their design and develop an app is secure to use. Following are the few best practices that are implemented by the organizations for making the app secure. Have a look at them.

Best Practices of Mobile App Security

1. The code should be complex and secure

If the Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai is developing the complex and intricate code for the application then it will be going to stay safe for a longer period of time. This is beneficial because the tough and hard to understand code will get the attacks if the hacker lesser. This activity also makes the job difficult for the hackers to break the code. For them, it will be the arduous job if you make it strong and robust. Bugs are the main source which provides a window to the hackers to enter in your area and break the code. For this, it is essential for you to write a code which is error free. This practice makes the application from the unscrupulous persons.

2. Data encryption of app

It is really important that all the data of the application should be encrypted. It is sort of the plain text and is not understandable to all the people except those who have the key to understand. This helps the application data to be saved from the reading and misused in case it is stolen by the criminals. The data encryption power is really high that organization like the NASA, FBI also takes the permission from the iPhone to decode the messages of Whatsapp.

3. Make use of secure APIs

The Android App Development Dubai that is using the unauthorized APIs are coded loosely which help the hackers to misuse them easily. That is the reason the expert developers always recommend to use the APIs that are authorized. It provides the application a maximum security. It also allows chunking of data to get transmitted between the various applications users and servers. Always verify the APIs before using it. It is good and prudent decision of using the authorized and secure APIs.

4. High authentication methods should be preferred

For developing the mobile application it is good to use the stronger authentication for it. Basically, the authentication refers to the person identifies and passwords that acts as the fences to entry. As a developer, it’s your duty to encourage the users of the application to pay attention to the authentication process before using the app on their mobile phones. While developing, make it a habit to allow the password to be in the alphanumeric. Developers also use multi-level authentication like the combination of the password to enhance the security of the mobile app.

5. App data caching should be avoid

A Mobile application asks the users to allow their data to access and often captures it in many other ways. It is the duty of the expert developers of the Mobile App Development Dubai companies to ignore the vulnerabilities of storage data methods. Prevent the data in the mobile applications to store in addition to the HTTP caching. This practice will help the users to avoid the caching of any sort of data from their devices and saved it from the cyber-attack.

6. In code deploy anti-temper techniques

The hackers of mobile devices often tamper the various mobile applications in the market. They resign them from the store and publish them with their name on the third marketplace. In the market these days Top App Developers Dubai are able to find the techniques that give you the alert if someone tries to tamper with the developed code or may inject the malicious code into it. Add the tamper detection tool in the application so that if someone wants to modify it, it will not properly work.

7. When using the third part libraries, pay extra attention

It is important for the Mobile App Development Company in Dubai to carefully use the third party libraries in the application. Though they are useful and play the core role in the app at the same time, they are more vulnerable to the hackers or attackers to attack the code and make the application insecure for the users. The third-party libraries do have the security holes which the hackers are familiar with. Test the application thoroughly so that the chances of the modification and insecurity of the app will be reduced.

8. Use least privilege principles

This principle in Mobile App Development UAE refers to the code to run with the permissions that are no more required and absolutely require. It is important for the developers that the applications should not request for the other privileges that the minimum number of permissions need to run it. if the developers and the client do not want to access the contacts of the user’s ten do not ask for its permission. The unnecessary network connection demand for the application will lessen the mobile application security.

9. Rigorously test the app

Securing the Mobile App is a really hard and is a time-consuming task. For this developers need to do various tests to ensure that the developed app is safe and secure to use. These testing processes like the regression testing, penetration testing and exploratory testing, automated testing etc are significant to do. There are new threads that are emerging and for which the tested need to find out the new solutions to conquer them. From testing, developers and the professional companies fix every major and minor issue before launching and marketing their app.


Over the past few years, the hacker is more active in every organization. This makes the productivity and name of the company in danger. So it is the high time for the companies to pay attention to the cyber attacks and should adopt the concrete security for the application.

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