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InLogic Award Management System is now used to Accept Nominations for Best M-Government Service Award

InLogic IT Solution is the professional RFID service provider company in UAE and delivers Award Management System. InLogic IT Solution is now offering their Award Management services to accept the Best M-Government Service Award nominations. It is an annual global award function that is held in Dubai by the ruler of the city His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to stimulate and encourage various entities of Government. It offers the best innovative and creative solutions and works hard to meet all the public needs and expectations.


The award show is open for all the governments globally. The function is a great success and now InLogic services are used for the great support. In previous 4 editions, the tremendous submission is improved. This year it is 5th edition and every passing year the award raise its bar and continue enhancing the mobile government services all over the world.

In the 5th edition of Best M-Government Service Award, the concept of the challenge is introduced for the first time. The basic aim of it is to recognize and find the impacting society and the people live improvement mobile applications. These applications are designed by keeping the customers need. It supports and encourages the government of UAE to go ahead instead of offering the simple traditional services that provide the end to end needs of the customers.

The InLogic It Solutions Dubai accepts the nominations. The winning candidates of the award are to be honored and are invited to World Government Summit to attend which take place in February 2018 in Dubai. The Registration for the Best M-Government Service Award started from 15 October 2017. The awards show it comprises of 3 international competitions that are helpful in promoting the innovations of government. These three competitions are as follow:

  • Best Mobile Government Service Award
  • Best Government Emerging Technologies Award
  • Gov Hackathon

The Best M-Government Services Award are focused and concerned about how the government is facing the common challenges across the world. The jury members of the award will examine the impact of the application in solving these challenges to win at the specific category.

Categories of Award

Here are the 7 common categories in the award show. Have a look:

1- Human life Protection

The category in the award show covers the healthcare, safety and security and healthy lifestyle of the citizen mobile applications. These applications are the basic requirement of the people nowadays for providing the treatment and diagnosis, and prevention care. These applications help you to access the healthcare services and disease professional management. The mobile applications that are designed are offering the health and lifestyle coaching. In addition, the mobile applications provide the recovery/disaster relief and the emergency services.

2- Building Knowledge

The award category covers all applications that are designed and developed for the academic institutions, students, teachers and businesses to design, develop, deliver and also manage the services of education and the institutes efficiently and effectively. These designed applications for the specific category engage the parents and students for the support of education. These applications are helpful in sharing the knowledge and thinking and access the wide libraries of information across the world.

3- Living Sustainability

In this category of the award show, the apps deliver the innovative solutions that encourage the development of the cities that are sustainable. These applications lie under the category that promotes the eco-friendly lifestyle, reduces the air pollution and footprint of carbon, increase the efficiency of energy and make the people and encourage them to recycle the waste things. In these, there are some applications that are used for the farming and agricultural improvement.

4- Cultural and Social Awareness

These applications are focused on the enhancement and development of the social and cultural awareness of the audience around the world. These applications are useful and help to preserve the culture and the national identity of the person to offer the welfare and social support. This assists the people to make the access easy to the financial support and the justice and as well as the integration of refugees and minorities of the area via an app. It also includes the travel, hospitality, arts and culture, shopping and tourism development.

5- Business Possibilities

The category enables the business development, commerce, and trade services. These applications that are induced are lent a hand to improve the business operations and the procedures and processes to set the new business effectively. There are many apps that permit the hiring, business closure, managing workforce or the intellectual property. It also provides the SMEs support and entrepreneurs.

6- Reliable Mobility

This category has the applications that provide the efficient and effective people or goods movement. The mobile applications enhance and improve the transport activities whether it is done by air, sea, and land. These applications are linked with the portal and airport services and also with logistics.

7- Government Accessibility

It is the secure and effective category that provides the apps that offer leverage data sharing between the two various governments and offer the easy access. These applications are enabled that delivers the seamless integration in a single centralized platform.

Evaluation Criteria of Award

InLogic UAE deploys an Award Management System competently in Best M-Government Services Award. The criteria of accepting the nominations are:

  • The application that developed has the ability to solve the issues that deal with the public and have the great impact on the society. The application impact is 35% in the world.
  • The application has the Wow! factor which is developed and innovative by using the latest technology or standout by mixing the two various ideas to create the creative and collaborative manner solution. The solution is interesting, unique and original that has the good impact on overall customers. The developed application must be 35% innovative.
  • The services that are delivered to the valuable users must be easy to navigate and have the user-friendly design. The developed application is easy to collaborate and is designed in various languages. The notifications and the secure transaction are the symbols of successful application delivery. The effective and efficient application has delivery 10%.
  • Additional application Functionality refers to the integrated applications, open data, customization of options and features and as well as the user’s assessment satisfaction. The application functionality must be 10% to get nominated in awards.

Winners of Fourth Edition

The awards winners in various categories are mention below in 4th edition 2017:

Category Application Country Created by
Health Guardians of Health Brazil Ministry of Health
Education Learning Potential Australia Australian Government Department of Education and Training
Environment Eesti Energia Estonia The Eesti Energia Group
Social Affairs Arrival App (Ankommen) Germany The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
Safety and Security Dubai Police United Arab Emirates Dubai Police General HQ
Tourism Visit Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority
Economy Commerce Vendors@Gov Singapore Accountant-General’s Department, Ministry of Finance
Transportation Infrastructure RTA Dubai United Arab Emirates Road and Transport Authority – Dubai
One Stop App The Mobile government of Kazakhstan ( Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan