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InLogic Is the Best RFID Solution Provider In Dubai UAE

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is present around us for decades and with the help of this technology, they are able to trace World War II. At this time it is used to track the aircraft means it is six decades later. The InLogic RFID Solutions Dubai is offering their excellent RFID services to their dear and trustworthy customers.

There are many clients around the world are find the RFID services and thank our Team and hard work they did because of which They become an authorized dealer. They offer best Tracking Software & System in Dubai at the good and more affordable rate.

With every month, InLogic is progressing and delivers the RFID Solution in Dubai. They are good in finishing the systems and software’s finish points from to initial state to the point of consumption. Since they know that you are searching for the extensive and Expert RFID Solutions Provider Dubai. The respectable companies are looking for the accurate and return loss solution among other companies and they are here to assist you.

Here are the few technologies in which Best Vendor of RFID Dubai are used and are also delivering by our company precisely.

RFID for Retail Technology

The RFID is mostly used in the retail industry in which it is widely used to make the stock information updated. It alarms the limit of out of the stock, redirects labor and reduces the shrink from the back room to the various facing roles. It helps in tagging the pro ducts and have the complete know how and tracing of having the right products at store’s shelves. There are many retailers in early age unveiled the RFID initiative. In2014, there is almost 3.4 billion tags are used provided by the RFID tag Provider in Dubai and all over the world and now it is grown up to 400 million.

Now it is considered that in future the RFID which is used in many retail sectors like in Kolhs and Dillards, JC Penney and VDC research groups. It will become ubiquitous in retail shopping industry.

RFID for Healthcare and Medical Department

Like retail sector, medical and the health care industry also requires the best RFID Solutions Provider in the Middle East. They need RFID for the high price medical instruments like the surgical devices, heart pumps etc. There are many hospitals who are also interested and using the RFID technology to track the different hospital stuff including wheel chairs, IV pumps and much more. This technology in the hospitals are used to enhance the patient experience by storing their preferences and the customizing the setting of the room including the lighting, music, and temperature according to their requirements.

In the Pharmaceutical the RFID is also plays the excellent role and eliminating the extra cost and break the supply chain theft. The pharmacy and pharma are using the Dubai RFID Solution Provider services for tracking the supply chain for the counterfeiters and thieves.

RFID for Banking and Financial Area

The banks and financial departments of the organizations are a desire to make check and balance on their IT equipment such as the blades and the main server. And to do so, Asset Tracking Solution is used. Before the technology, the all the procedures are done manually by the staff and the team workers. This is the time consuming and takes a lot of days to complete the single task.

Now with the RFID, the complete inventory process is completely precisely within the hours. Not only it reduces the precious time but also helps in reducing the labor cost and the inaccuracy rate which may be considered before it. The IT asset tracking in banks and the financial organizations is now spreading towards the insurance and telecom industries.

RFID for Aerospace Field

This is also one of the main market places for the RFID technology. There are many world class airports all over the world are using this technology for years. They are using this for the tracking of Boeing, airbuses and the airlines for the active systems. These track their work n process to give the good amount of productivity and sale and to locate the parts more quickly. RFID is also used in the Airbus to detect the huge number of hands that are used in all its locations.

The RFID is also used to keep maintain the operations of the airlines and also inspecting the equipment like in emergency and lack of oxygen drop down the oxygen masks, plain and life jackets are provided in severe cases that are stored under each passengers seat. On airports, it is the duty of the person to check the oxygen tanks after 13 hours but with the RFID the mask is accomplished within the 10 minutes.

There are many high memory tags are introduces and announced. There are millions of RFID based tags are ready to manufacture so that it is easy to store huge product’s information and the maintenance history will be stored securely. The AutoID Solutions in the airlines and the automotive industry is one of the major developments. These two markets are containing the good number of the high memory tags.

The companies save a lot of money to program the whole situation and make the good profit at the end. The RFID helps in reducing the spoilage.


The InLogic UAE is the perfect company and the ESMA authorized dealer to offer the RFID based inventory management solutions in Dubai for the Health care, medical devices, life science manufacturers. They have the extensive experience with the RFID based projects across the variety of industries.

The team performs their duties well and also works hard to make their clients comfortable and relaxed from the performance. The system and software required by you are provided according to your requirements and the demand at the good economic cost. They are working legally and the authentic RFID Company in Dubai that are present 24 hours to help out and delivers what you are looking for. Also read our Terms and Condition.