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InLogic RFID Solutions Best Paving for Better Future

In the current era, the competition in the market is really high and at its peak, all type of companies whether small or large are not able to afford a single mistake that can harm their business internally. With this thought in mind, companies are working hard and are constantly updating their system and improving it.

They are also focusing on the superior services of customers and trying their level best to retain the trust of the clients. The error-free system and best customer services put their confidence in the services and products of the company they deliver. One of the most usable technologies in the business nowadays is RFID Solutions UAE.

What is actually RFID Technology?

The RFID or Radio frequency identification is the latest technology that uses the frequencies or the radio signals as a means to receive and transmit the information. Basically, there are two types of the RFID Tags Dubai named Active and Passive tags. As compare to passive, active tags are more expensive because they transmit the information directly with the help of the built-in battery system. In the passive tags, the external battery is required for the information transmission.

Tags are used for a quiet time but because of the cost it is not implemented and not all the businessman is aware of the RFID technology yet. There is RFID Solutions Provider in Dubai who is working and are in progress to make the RFID technology affordable and more accessible to the businesses and market. There are numerous benefits of this hi-tech and that is the reason it is one of the most demanded among those who know all the advantages well.

Why prefer RFID Technology?

The services offered by the best and known RFID Suppliers in UAE in a long-term will pave the success in a faster means. It is considering one of the more effective and efficient manners that much business used for sharing information and data about the products. It is new technology in the market that makes the many of the tasks easier and quicker. It is also good in reducing the Labor work in companies.

Here are the few common advantages of having the RFID technology in the companies, have a look and take your own decision.


The durability of RFID UAE tags is made according to the conditions of whether and to withstand the harsh environment. It helps the malls and superstore to protect the material from losing. The items that have the tags with no trouble are tracked. It is easy to see its movements and will not be lost effortlessly.

Various Different Features

There are various features of RFID tags deliver by the compatible RFID Companies in Dubai. It has commonly come in different sizes, shapes, and types. It is designed and developed according to the product and material for which it is designed to attach. These tags are containing all the related information which the tag should contain the items. This is all about the companies priorities.


The data that is on the tags that are designed and developed by the RFID Tags Suppliers in Dubai are not easily replicated. This advantage of the RFID makes it prevent the material from theft and also increase the level of security. If the customer’s order the product online, you deliver it to them. You are able to make a check and balance that they are not able to get the wrong product. It assured that the item would not be stolen and copied easily.

Storage Capacity

The RFID tags have the great space and capacity to store the data as compared to the normal barcodes that are used in a routine. The normal barcode technology used the additional information for tracking the items. The RFID Reader Dubai is smart and has the capability of tracking the each and every item tags with no trouble. Every product has the different and unique tracking numbers in addition to the different information.

Item Tracking

The tags developed by the RFID Companies in UAE make it easier for you to track the items effortlessly. Every tag of the product has the different information that makes the item unique among others. This feature helps in tracking simply and faster. In this monitoring and management of the products that are in terms of transportation and inventory are good.

Wireless Technology

The RFID technology is quick and is using the radio frequencies to receive and transmits the information from the greater distance too. This is only possible with RFID not with the barcode. The barcode technology needs the physical interaction of the barcode present on the item and barcode reader to extract the information effectively.

With the RFID tags the reading is quicker and done automatically and that is why it takes less time and efforts of the people. It also becomes effortless to sort the items and deliver to their place faster.


There are many advantages and good factors f RFID tags that should be weighed in the decision making. Aside from the expansive the RFID tags, this technology is sophisticated and has many advantages. In a couple of years, the RFID is updated and the older techniques become outdated and isolate in the market. Have the technology in the company increases the productivity and security of the items and make the working excellent.


And a good news that InLogic will pay the Vat (Value Added Tax) for Our RFID Customers!