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InLogic RFID Solutions For Fixed Assets Tracking

Implementing Fixed Assets Tracking RFID Solution with real-time capabilities- need not be difficult. Despite the large number of software products on the market today, choosing a software package can be easy if you know how to start. Consider the factors involved during the software selection process to acquire the best business solution.

Key factors to consider:

  • Number of assets to be tracked
  • Need for wireless capability
  • Implementation effort
  • Ease of use
  • Budget

Number of assets to be tracked

If your daily operations call for a large quantity of items such as equipment and furniture to be tracked and inventoried, Fixed Assets RFID software will be an efficient business tool. A good system eliminates the need to enter the same item number multiple times.

Need for wireless capability

Asset Managers who perform daily physical inventory audits desire a quick way to scan assets containing RFID tags. Fixed Assets RFID software does this by utilizing wireless (Wi-Fi) tracking. By reading RFID tags, Fixed Assets RFID software is able to read multiple items with a single scan. RFID Tags Dubai not only ensures that an asset is not missed during a physical inventory, but also supports highly-sensitive data due to the tags’ inability to be copied.

Implementation effort

Many operations use spreadsheets to collect asset data. Some operations may already use RFID scanners or mobile devices. The asset tracking software should have the functionality to integrate your current process with the new system. Include staff integral to the implementation process as your organization transitions to the new software. Do you need to hire a resource to administer training? Training often makes the difference in a seamless integration and goes a long way towards a successful implementation. Allotting for training in your budget often pays back big dividends in the long run.

Ease of use

Believe it or not, Fixed Assets RFID software will quickly become an asset to your operations! It is easy to use and fits standard business requirements out-of-the-box. Did you know that you can use it to track items by location for auditing purposes, so you will know if an asset has moved? Selecting an easy-to-use system will keep your internal costs down. Once the system is implemented, keep it up to date so operations continue to run smoothly.


Understanding costs involved is important since you will use the system for a long time. Are software upgrades discounted with a support contract? Is there a cost associated with purchasing additional software licenses? Using a real-time system may be cost-effective and necessary if many asset managers need to use the system at once. Ongoing costs and support fees can quickly add up if a system does not meet your long-term needs. Remember to conduct a needs assessment before setting a budget.

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