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InLogic RFID Solutions For HealthCare Organizations

RFID stands for the Radio Frequency Identification. This term of technology describes the wireless technology of identification through the radio waves. The waves are used for the communication of the data between the two sources. The data is integrated with the RFID antenna and the tags that are attached to the desired item. After server encoded the receive data from the RFID chip it reads all the information that is on the chip effectively.

The tags are available in two types and are delivered by the RFID Tag Suppliers in Dubai. They are passive or active in nature. In passive tags, the close proximity of the item is required to a reader for tracking the supplies while in the active RFID tags a small battery contains that have the capability of monitoring the equipment continuously.

For the healthcare organizations, the RFID UAE is the great next inevitable step of the new generation services operations of healthcare. The technology in this field provides the person new efficiencies enhance healthcare services and workflow, improved services and also increase the competence in patient care. This improves the work and seeking the competitive advantages for the company. The RFID chips are used in many departments of the healthcare like in tracking the elderly and disoriented patients of the hospital in terms of care case, ensure the right procedure in the OPT ward, track the mother and baby in maternity ward, with patients to extract the all require information related to the patient like the name, admitting date, allergies, blood group, medication requirements, insurance information etc. are the few uses of the RFID technology in the patient sphere.

Among these few benefits, there are many others too. It is used by the many small, mid-size and large clinics and hospitals for an edge. This technology is beneficial and improved the operational efficiency of the patient safety enhancement. Here the some of the solutions by the RFID Solutions Provider in Dubai for gaining the healthcare space importance. Have a look at these RFID solutions.

The safety of patients at point-of-care

With the numerous cases of the wrong procedure of the surgeries and the wrong patients, data is dangerous and harmful to the reputation of the hospital. But if the RFID tags designed by the professional RFID Companies in Dubai are attached to health care center patients, it helps the physician to recognize them and start the appropriate requires invasive treatment. The verification of the correct patient is always important. When the patient has the chip attach to them, the handheld device with the doctors helps then to confirm the entire information of that person including the ID and cure Chart etc. the tags that are attached to the wrist of the patient have the complete histories of the person and is provided by the doctors when they need it. It is also ready to lend a hand in an emergency. Many times it becomes the reason of life-saving of the patients.

Track the admitted patients

All healthcare centers including clinics and the hospitals are looking forward to improving their services and delivers the best in less. They also want to track the all patients of the hospital in real-time. RFID Reader Dubai and the tags used in the centers are good and help the owners to make their work easier and smoother. The tags are attached with the ID bracelets of all admitted patients or to the fewer who require extra attention and care. This helps the doctors to locate them and come to know about their current position in the hospital. The RFID system used by the physicians makes them relax in addition to the productivity increase on rounds.

Tracking of healthcare assets

The physicians and hospitals find the RFID Solutions UAE easier to manage and use the mobile medical equipment. These IV pumps and the wheelchairs used in the area for the comfort of the patients have attached the tags. The tags that are attached to the hospital assets are used for transmitting the radio waves to the server to encode the location data of the equipment on a floor of the hospital and clinic. The trained team of the hospital uses the developed software to locate the all items during the routine of the centers. This software facilitates and ensures that entire inventory and the labor cost of the hospital get reduced.

Management of Meds

The RFID Tags Dubai make it possible for the manager of the healthcare centers whether they are small or large to get the best solution for managing the meds in an efficient manner. from the tags the managers of the meds are able to scan the RFID wristband of the patients to come to know what is the med is recommended by the physician to the patient and what is it validation? It reviews all the latest medication orders without any kind of error. The tagged medication of the patients is scanned by the readers to verify the correct medication for them that help the fast cure. It makes them alert about the dose quality, and the timing to get the accurate and consistent medicine from the responsible person of the clinic.

Management of clinical supplies

The use of InLogic RFID Solutions in healthcare department is a simply great and low-cost solution. It allows the person to come to know and track the clinical supplies for the clinic from the factory place to the storage shelves safely and securely. This makes it possible to manage and achieve the improvements that whether the clinic is able to receive the supplies effectively or not. It also shows the availability of the supplies and lessens the chances of duplication and replacement of the equipment. It is very much useful and saves the great inventory cost.


supplies, clinical staff and equipment. It reduces the cost, loss of the equipment, and also reduces the theft but increase the staff efficiency. The system provides you the security system for controlling the blood groups and medications. There are many RFID Companies in UAE that supply the software but InLogic UAE is the best among all.

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