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Internet of Things in the Year 2018: IOT Dubai

The coming era of the computer and IT industry is bride and expected to be one of the robotics years. The Artificial intelligence will help the human to perform and execute their work and job to be done accurately. It also makes the lives more efficient and effective. The IOT Companies in Dubai is working with dedication to make the most of the human’s dream come true.

There are many Hollywood movies are made that are focusing and making the world better and envisioned the future with the computer robots. Still these days the expected discoveries are done by the scientist and the software engineers that will shock the world.

The technology advancements all in the IT industry have baffled all of the persons at all the time. The revolution to the 4 MB floppy disk to the head transplant surgeries under the involvement of doctor’s arbitrary. Each and every transmission in the world shocks the people worldwide.

It is really vast field to discuss and debate, but in this article we are going to explain that;

What is actually the IOT is?

IOT (Internet of Things) is basically the broad classification in which the following different features are falling:

  • Machines
  • Networks
  • Entities
  • Humans etc.

It includes all the parts and the features that are included in the usage of internet procedure. These all are joining and combine together to sort all the issues of the Internet of Things.

As we know the complete definition of the network of the computer that we (Human) provide the raw data by coding the information to the machine for processing and make it upload into servers to share it to the world using the common front World Wide Web (www). It is common and the simple approach adopted by the Internet of Things in Dubai.

The place where the servers and the uplinks restored for interchanging the information are kept cool according to the IOT concept. Working on the new is easy for the developers and many people instead of keeping million of things in mind to remember and review. The different IOT concepts used by the Internet of Things Companies Dubai make the security possible with the luxurious lifestyle. Some of the examples of the managing the business like store are mentioned as below:

  • Advanced software Products
  • Sensors
  • Electronics Devices
  • Actuators

What was IOT in 1999?

The firstly it was coined in the world in the year 1999 and rapidly growing day by day. The IOT is existed everywhere in the world and playing its important role in making the life easy, comfortable and effective. It relies on pacemakers, communication systems, security reasons and smart city projects and in all the computer functioning projects.

The main role of using and utilizing the IOT is for the security reasons because it can encrypt through satellite uplink and it will perform security in better means. It has the capability to make the poor systems with negative elements into an excellent system.

It is estimated that in few years after there will be 50 billion devices are connected and working for the IOT. So if you are imagining that how the world will look with a remotely atmosphere? Let me tell you, it makes the life easy, precise and most important beneficial for all the humans.

IOT Role in 2018

In the year 2018, it is considered being the one of the exciting years of the IOT revolution. There are many biochips and transponders are implemented whose output for the human is unreachable and unbelievable.

Here is the detail, it may be confusing for the reader but if you pay attention, it will be understood by you.

The IOT Services Company Dubai is developing the devices whose functionality is fast and will respond quickly after gathering the information. In theses, the sensors are fit that are connected to an uplink for the processing.


Examples of IOT

There are many devices that are used and written below in detail:

  • An automobile is the best examples of the Sensors. They have introduced different features for security reason and reduce the road accidents. Consider the two cars are moving on two ways but in the opposite direction, the sensors that are in build in the cars are too smart to gather the information of velocity, speed, braking efficiency and power. After knowing the entire situation it will alarm the drivers from the unwanted collision and this will help them in preventing.
  • The DNA analysis devices for the food is used to monitoring the pathogen
  • To control the pollution there is also the gas sensors based on the IOT concept
  • Firefighters are another example that will definitely go to assist the polish officers and the security agencies in UAE into search and rescue operations.
  • The IOT is very much in use of the military forces of the countries and will not disclose their devices because of the threats and the defense network policies.

The world is becoming dependent and self-sustaining with the great help of the processing. So we all are familiar that every bright side has the dark side too. So as it all, this brilliant concept has also the dark side.

Disadvantages of IOT

Internet of Things means everything to many people who are continuously connected to the web. There are many opportunities that are got by the unauthentic person or bad men find. The connectivity that is confidential has the changes of loss and may become the reason of leakage of information.

No doubt it gives rise to self-awareness, and the coding of the machine which only understands the language of zero’s and one’s are hard. There are many errors involved at the time of coding. It may strike the human emotions and become judgmental.


With the entire precipice, the technology is still in demand and is becoming the dominant force in the world. The IT industry is in the phase where the only advancements are the main with a great competition of the Internet of Things UAE.