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What are the modern Digital Marketing Techniques for higher conversion?

Nowadays the tradition marketing techniques of Digital Marketing Agency Dubai has changed a lot with the advancement of the technology. It is now become new and advanced marketing practices and is effectively known as the Inbound Marketing in the industry of SEO/Digital Marketing. The latest techniques are transformed with the time and the requirement the way to target the desired audience. There are various channels that are used to communicate with the audience about the business used by the experts.


Traditional marketing is now changed to inbound marketing. Have a look at the following table to know about the shifted paradigm of both marketing fundamentals.

Traditional Business Marketing

Inbound Business Marketing



Product/ Services of Business

Concept of Business

Business Promotions

Communication in Business




Today SEO Expert Dubai is using the unique content for the business as their top weapon. It helps the experts to promote the desire brand services and product on the web. It is the most effective component of the inbound business marketing. The experts are passionate and considering to create the quality web content, its collection, and distribution lead through.

From research, it is concluded that more than 50% marketers say that the blogging is their top marketing priority in Inbound Marketing Fundamentals.

The marketing via content mainly includes the email newsletters, eBooks, In-person events, white papers, video, blogs, social media content, webinars, and infographics. Below are the best 4Cs in the modern marketing to help Top SEO Companies in Dubai to create the effective content marketing campaigns on the website to boost the conversion rate.

Create a Blog

Selection of the platform to publish the content and spread around the world to target the desired audience is the great success mantra. For publish, create the appealing attractive blog with the structure to make the audience to take their decision and make the opinion about it within 0.05 seconds (50 MLS). Design a beautiful blog structure according to the need of the today’s marketers.

Online you are able to get numerous free and paid platforms to publish your content but before moving to that step, you need to identify the goal you want to achieve with the efforts of digital marketing. Pick the best suitable CMS (Content Management System) to design, manage and publish the professional and as well as personal content on the web.

The most popular CMS in the world is WordPress and is used by SEO Companies in UAE. It is easy to understand and use and maintain. The scalability of this CMS has no limit and recently it is used in the satellite launch. It empowers the marketer with its own analytical system to make them aware of the performance of the content on the web. Here you are also using the other effective analytical systems by easily integrated it.

Create the unique and appealing blog to reach to the target audience successfully. There are many tools that are available on the web to create the content to mark the users mind impression. To rank higher on a search engine, use the relevant keywords of the business in content.

Communicate with Target Audience

In all business, communication is considering the backbone. It helps the online business to grow in an effective way. To do so, marketers of SEO Companies in Dubai understand the persona of the buyers. Once they come to know well, it becomes the easier task for them to create the blog and boost the conversion.

It is the duty of the SEO experts that after creating the content publish it on the web in a proper format to make it readable for the readers. It helps them to go through and share it with their circle. After publishing the blog, pan a newsletter for the existing customers to make them notify about the new blog and other valuable information.

There is the great number of audience that is spending most of their time on various social networking sites i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to communicate with the people, select the channel of your means and publish social networking content to attract the more traffic towards the website or blog.

Convince Audience

Once you will get succeeded in attracting the traffic to your blog or website, now it is the right time to make them convince to buy the services and the products from you. The Best SEO in Dubai practice is to make the quality of the content better, appealing blog structure and easy navigation to make ensure the business credibility. Shoe the right path to audience to communicate with you in an easy manner for ultimate business outcomes.

The marketers place and create the lead generation forms on website/ blog to set a stage to gather more and more leads to the created content. Make the forms and place them in an appropriate section of the created blog.

In marketing, there are many heatmap tools available that help the experts to analyze the behavior of the user on the website that guides to create the forms more effectively. One of the best tools is Optinonster and Mailchimp and is used in Search Engine Optimization Dubai to get leads through.


Ultimate inbound marketing strategy is Converting. The SEO Dubai Company main focus is to convert the potential prospects and the visitors of the site into their valuable customers. To do so, the SEO experts need to follow up all the above-mentioned methodology.

The journey of the buyer is a stepwise process that maps the buying pattern to create the persona of your buyers. This helps you in a great manner. The personal of buyer assists you to identify the market position of the brand in the marketplace in addition to other brands.

The inbound methodology used by many SEO Company in Dubai makes your business to get close to your clients. It always delights the reliable customers of your brand and creates the value-oriented relationship. This process reduces the overall marketing cost and improves the conversion rate. With this, the analyzing of the market budget becomes much easy.


The above mention 4Cs of modern marketing are used in SEO Services in Dubai to assist the businesses to define the target market and plan accordingly. It also helps in making the marketing campaigns effectual. The inbound mantra surely helps you out to improve the conversion and in blog elevating. However, we InLogic UAE would love to help your business to grow and boost the conversion rate of the business, make a contact with the team and get the results according to your expectations.