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Preferred Web Application Frameworks for Web Developers in Dubai

The website that is versatile and provides the required functionality to the desired audience is successful. The new interactive features and the latest requirements are also helping in making the website appealing to visitors and brand the services is a proper and strong way. It is important for the Web Developers in Dubai to develop a site extremely user-friendly so that the visitors can easily retain it for a longer time. These kinds of websites compelled to make the beneficial decisions in the favor of businessman and their business.

The tool that plays the role in developing the website requires a proper and best framework to come up with the excellent working model. The new and latest frameworks in the market are ideal for Web Design and Development Services in Dubai. The frameworks for the website are selected by the developers are as per the client’s demands and requirements. They pick the one after examining and accessing the advantages.


Below is the list of best top frameworks in 2018. Theses listed full stack frameworks aid the developers to shape the clients dream website.

List of 2018 Best Frameworks

Every business clients have different requirements due to the different services and products. It is really hard to pick the one framework from the list for the skilled web developers unless they have a great experience. Below is the list of the frameworks on which developer’s works.


Nowadays, the PHP is the most popular and basic framework used by the web developers. Its popularity fully depends upon the usability and the convenience. The web developers who are professional in the framework have a lot of the control on server side language. The developers who are compatible with C or Perl Syntax are quick and fast in learning and mastered in PHP. It is good and delivers the right and required output to the valuable developers without writing a long script. You will get expected output in few lines.

Developers of Web Design and Development Companies in Dubai are low to make the convenient and require changes in a code without any hassle. Its development is less costly and effective as compared to other frameworks. The developed site in PHP will be responsive and is displayed in all devices available in market irrespective of using operating systems. It is lighter in the weight and the editing is much faster here. This will not only reduce the cost but also saves a precious time for both developers and clients.


In 2018, the java is the best framework despite that how many new frameworks are launch and will emerge. It is versatile and is also capable of trumping the other frameworks. Java allows the developers to debug, write, compile, code etc. it is a significant platform of the object-oriented language that permits the developers to reuse the code and also develop the modular programs. Java is the independent platform and also robust the framework by using various Java attributes in a website. It is good and excellent in operating the site properly in any of the operating system or the web browser.


It is considered one of the most popular web development frameworks these days. It is one of the open source framework and cross platforms that offers the reliable and scalable web application features for the website. It is compatible with the JavaScript V8 runtime. It helps the developers of the reliable web development companies to prepare an exceptional and real-time web application.

The application developed by using this framework are extremely light weighted and have the ability to control and handle the good number of website traffic without making and creating an issue like a bottleneck. There are many of the skilled and experienced developers who prefer Node.Js for processing the files and for uploading the website time. This will able to reduce the data processing duration and will create a prompt and effective website.


When the comparison is done with the other frameworks in terms of the attributes and the real-time effects of the website, then there is no better option exist as Python. This offers the Web Development Agency Dubai 3rd party modules for the site. It enables the various majority web application languages to interact. It also supports the vast library for developing the site.

It is one of the best open source platforms and the language development is entirely driven the community the developers are quick to learn the attributes of the language easily. The structure of the framework is very user-friendly. The developers have the complete control of the code compatibilities and over text processing. This is the main reason that it is preferred for creating the multi-protocol of the complex applications.

Yii (PHP)

It is another framework of PHP. It is among the list of top Web application frameworks that are used by the Web Design Companies in Dubai to come up with the online platform robust for the business. The PHP is an immeasurable language and is highly extensible. It offers the developers a higher degree of customization. The developers are skilled and are capable of instilling the features of the website as per the requirements and the criteria of the specific business of a client.

The site with the framework is developed faster rate because of the CRUD operations. It is also easy to install even the framework developed is complex. The data backup in the framework is also eminent. It is purely an OPP framework which is used with the latest and modern features including the SPL classes and the latest interfaces.

RoR (Ruby on Rails)

It is also an open source and is a reliable framework with the great MVC features. Ruby on Rails is developed to provide the companies that offer Ecommerce Website Development Services a simple and feasible application. It is good to develop the application faster. Sometimes the time becomes the most important necessity.

The framework is the right choice for the time-efficient, cost-effective and for the application consistency. It helps the developers to code a bug-free and smooth application. There is scalable features offer by the RoR with the website to visitors. It is enough best to make the site extremely safe and secure from the unauthorized users.


It is an efficient web development framework that helps to develop the larger website by using the small codes. This framework is easy works with the HTML language to come up with the dynamic web pages. It has the windows server built-in authentication and offers the scripting features on server site to developers. This is the reason that the application that is developed on the Asp.Net is initially run in the server and then appears on the browser. It is good and enough capable of delivering the expected excellent result of heavier websites.


There is various type of frameworks exist in the market that makes the work of the designers and the developers of Website Design Agency in UAE easier. The companies first gather the requirements and then choose the particular framework. To get the best result it is good to learn more about them and access the right expertise.

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