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Should SEO Experts Spend on SEO or PCC for an E-commerce Website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PCC (Pay-Per-Click) are both excellent digital marketing strategies used by the SEO Agency Dubai to help the business to expand and increase the engagement to e-commerce website. The experts are professional and using both of them independently and significantly to boost the results of digital marketing.


But to start the digital marketing the first thing that comes to mind that what should be given the more focus SEO or PCC. The recommendation most of the professional adopts is the 50–50 approach for the new website of e-commerce. If you plan to spend a specific amount on the marketing site than it is good for experts to spend half on the SEO techniques and a half on PCC techniques. Below we have defined the reason to why spend 50-50.

  • For marketing of site, SEO is the long-term strategy
  • PCC for marketing is a right now strategy plan

In the initial stage of marketing for a brand new e-commerce website, SEO Expert Dubai practice both long-term and right-now techniques to increase the growth and improves the traffic in the limited time period.

SEO techniques for an E-commerce website

When you initially launch your website on the internet, the only people that are familiar with the site are the family, friends and the web design and development agency. If the site that you launch is SEO optimized the result will be same.

SEO Services in Dubai is considering the long-term strategy. The Google spider and crawler demands time to index your e-commerce website. If you competitors in the market are strong, then it means you need to be patient because it may take a longer time to move the site up in the search results. It is true that your website is not only the one that already exists in the industry. The competitors that are already there have an advantage that they are doing SEO for a longer period. Search Engine Optimization takes the time to give you the expected results in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It is clear that it is a long-time strategy.

  • Allocate the half digital marketing budget to SEO will allow following things:
  • Research ongoing keywords for the site research the competitors
  • Make the navigation easy for the visitors and improve the e-commerce site user experience
  • Gather and share the reviews of the site on various social media platforms
  • Continue the ongoing optimization of the site and technical SEO efforts

PCC techniques for E-commerce Website

The good news about the pay per click in that when you start thinking of launching the e-commerce website, you make it start by running the numerous ads on Bing, social media, Google or any famous platform you consider. It helps the customers and targeted audience to get aware of the services you offer to them.

As compared to the Search Engine Optimization Dubai, the PPC is a right-now strategy.

This is not at all the bad thing, this helps in reaching your offered products and services of the site in front of the prospective and current buyers while building your SEO in Dubai authority. PPC helps you to put the products in front of the customers immediately instead of making them search for the particular item from the store.

Experts allocate the half budget of digital marketing to PPC to allow the team of the site to:

  • Run the ads of the products immediately
  • For more conversion rate optimizations test ads for A/ B
  • Perform research for ongoing ad and competitor’s research
  • Continue to create the new and effective ads for the site and update the landing page of the website

How to use SEO or PPC together for the success of E-commerce website?

As it is mention above that the pay per click is the right now strategy to promote the newly launched website. If you are thinking that PPC is the best way to reach more people for the site and you want to put the entire budget on PCC techniques then go ahead. This is the best when there is no SEO Companies in Dubai is working on the e-commerce website of yours.

It will take a longer period to get to the people. The Top SEO Companies in Dubai is working on various procedures to make it possible for the website to move up on the search pages. Once the site becomes the SEO friendly, it will generate the great revenue and will be totally reliant on the website traffic.

If you want to combine the Best SEO in Dubai techniques and PPC tactics is the best for the website promotions and make it successful. Digital marketing budget when equally distributed in both the SEO and PPC techniques make it happen.


When you are looking for the SEO Company Dubai for e-commerce website marketing strategies, make a contact or visit the InLogic IT Solutions UAE. Our team of PCC and SEO experts can help you out. We have the great years of experience and have the knowledge of new and latest trends, techniques and tools.