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10 Brilliant Ramadan Event Ideas

Ramadan is an annual event observed by Muslims around the world. It lasts for around thirty days, during which Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset. The purpose of Ramadan is to focus on Islamic teachings, appreciate what you have, and give to the needy. After the period of fasting, Muslims celebrate Eid, which is a...
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Run Your Multiple Events With One-Single Platform – Event Software

The recipe for any successful event is how much planning and preparation you put in beforehand. That’s a given, but sometimes it requires a little more than that, especially when planning multiple events across different locations or countries. If your business falls into this category, then chances are you’re aware of what disjointed events can...
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How Event Management System Can Save Your Money?

Does this thought sound familiar? “I don’t need event management system. Why spend money on that if I can do almost everything manually?” Indeed, why bother automatizing everything, avoiding repetitive tasks, gaining autonomy, or saving time and money? After all, you’re used to weak event promotion campaigns, constant logistic problems, and struggles to stay within...
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