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For The Event Management, Is RFID The Future?

The RFID Suppliers in UAE deliver the RFID technology to our valuable and trustworthy customers at the good economic cost. In the event industry, the RFID is not utilizing and falling because of the cost. The RFID technology is expanding every day and the hardware devices that are using or accompanying the access to the...
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The Success of 2017 IRATDE Biennial Conference Dubai and InLogic Event Management System

The 2017 IRATDE (International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence) Biennial conference takes place in Dubai from the 6th October to 9th October 2017. In this cutting-edge research on talent development conference, speaker wills poster and talks on the hot topics relevant to it and also about the range of the areas allied to...
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RFID Event Management System Dubai

Solve your Event Management challenges with InLogic RFID Tag Web-based application accessible from anywhere. Detects how many attendees are inside exhibit halls, arenas or buildings. System controls and enforces occupancy limits of each location. Know the attendee's staying times in any location. View list of attendees on the map of exhibition facility. A perfect tool...
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