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The best iOS features that Apple didn’t told yet

In the market, the new version of iOS is introduced. The features introduced in the iOS Mobile App Development Dubai is more than the developers and other personnel is expected. The new version has come with the plenty of the delightful and awesome features that will surely help the developers to come up with an excellent and appealing product that would be loved by customers. Though the officially available features that come and not yet told to you.


In this article, we are going to reduce some of your curiosity levels by sharing some of its features with you. Have a look at them to have knowledge.

Control center customization

When you are changing the setting through the control center, you may sometime think to adjust the control center. And this is not possible before with iOS. The new feature of iOS allows the developers of Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE to customize and arrange the control center according to their needs and requirements of customers.

As it is clear that the application shortcuts always help it to get popular and rank higher on play store. This helps the app to get accessed by few clicks or swipe-up activity from the bottom of the screen of your device. Now it is possible with the new feature of the iOS. It makes the life of the user comfortable and easy.

Suggestions for personalized storage

What do you feel if you run out of the storage space on your device? Is it really frustrating right? Now with this feature, the Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai resolves the issue and come to know about the solution. iOS 11 is well-integrated and help the users through the valuable suggestions.

This method helps the users to get aware and reduce e threads of iMessage, all attachments and space-hogging photos that are not needed anymore. The new feature introduces the storage setting that recommends the removal of the data for the space monopolizing.

The feature introduced in the iOS will definitely facilitate the people in getting the more space in the device and install the more required applications. Use it and get the advantage of it completely. This is the reason that every professional and Freelance App Developers Dubai work hard to make the app perfect and make ensure that it will take less space in the devices so that user face no issue related to mobile device storage.

Delete the unused app automatically from iPhone

If you do not want to see unused app more on your device then the new feature of iOS 11 help you out. The App Developers Abu Dhabi uses this solution to help the valuable users of the iPhone in deletion of unused application from the mobile. In your phone, there is a specific setting known as the offload unused application.

It lends a hand to users to get rid of all the applications of mobile that is not used by you for long period of time. The feature only able to delete that app that is not in use in users and is installed back. Except app designed by the professional companies Mobile App Design Dubai are only deleted if they are not providing the benefit to users otherwise no other documents that mark important and are no use by the person for a long time are saved and is not deleted at all.

Recording of screen

From the iOs control center, now you are able to record the screen. It is an amazing and as well as best feature that is on iOS 11. It keeps your record whatever you have done on your device from posting on the social media, sharing and deleting is all are observed by the eye of the iOS 11 device. You are not at all able to get escape from it.

With this features, it is significant for the gamers and the professional developers of Mobile App Development UAE companies particularly to don’t try to develop the app that is designed to keep the eye on the activities of the users. This feature is really important and helps the users to get away from the controversial statements and the dangerous content. Now user with it is able to think twice while performing any activity like posting on their social media handle.


All these features are having there on a place in the mobile. If you are looking to have a best and reliable iOS app for the company you need to make a contact with the professional and renowned companies in a market like the Inlogic UAE. We have skill team with all the required experience and expertise. Our company is leading mobile application Development Company in UAE and delivers the app according to the requirements of our valuable customers on time at reasonable cost.