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The Excuses for Not Having a Website in 2018: Web Design Dubai Company

With 86% of UAE’s adults using the Internet, it’s surprising to think that many organizations today, particularly small businesses, still choose not to invest a bit of time and resources towards building their own website.

Whether it’s a big organization or a small company, running your own business is not an easy task. The list of things that you need to stay on the track to taste success never ends. But it doesn’t mean you should take shortcuts and ditch a very important element: Online visibility.

Modern technology has not just connected people all across the globe, but also enabled small businesses to position themselves on a strong path, which they could use to gain worldwide customers and motivate them to engage with their products or services.

Even at a time where clients Google before using services of a company, many small businesses hesitate to spend money on a website. Isn’t it surprising? Some of them even believe that a Facebook page with a phone number could fill the gap that has been created with the absence of a website.

web-design-dubaiAlthough they know that a website can really make a difference, they ditch the idea, citing some silly excuses.

Recent surveys show that around half of small businesses do not have a website today, and many of them have no intention of having one in the near future. The question is: When many small businesses know that a website could be cornerstone of an organization, why do they evade the tool?

Here are some of the top, common excuses that small business owners make for not having a website in the technology-friendly world:

No need of a website

84% of Adults use the internet on a daily basis and 96% of adults aged between 18-49 are on the internet. Essentially everyone is on the internet! So you need your business to be there!

Many businessmen believe that they have a kind of business that doesn’t need online visibility. They believe a website is just a way to sell products online. When they don’t have products to sell on the Internet, they ditch the idea of having a website.

A website is just waste of money

Internet is no less than a lifeline today. Whether it’s about finding study material, shopping, or buying services of a company, everything is available on the Internet. As per the surveys, more than half of the Internet users around the world search products online. Still, many business owners believe that a website is just a luxury item that they cannot afford.

My industry is not on-line

Perfect! That means that you have less competition to worry about when you market your business online! 61% of global internet users research products they buy on-line while 90% of adults own an internet-connected mobile! You customers do too!

I don’t have a well-defined niche

Of all the excuses, this one is probably the most valid. You want your website to attract your ideal clients. And when they find you, you want to demonstrate your value and expertise right away. Having a well-defined niche takes care of both. So if you have been dragging your feet on choosing a niche, I’d like you to set a deadline. Give yourself one week to decide.

And remember, just because you choose one today, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it for life. You can always change direction, and with your website up and running, you’ll be able to easily change the content to reflect your new focus.

Social media sites are better than a website

Social sites are a great way to stay connected with people, and promote a brand or product, but it could not be compared with a personal website. Some business owners believe that by posting regular content, they will gain new followers who could be their potential customers.

Social media is a good promotional tool, but a website comes much ahead of Facebook and Twitter. As per the surveys, a company with a website gain more profit than the companies with no website.

No time to maintain a website

Yes, a website needs maintenance regularly, that too by a professional. If you don’t have time for your website, you can hire a Web Development Company Dubai that also provides website management services.

The company has enough clients

You might have number of clients today, but what if they find better services elsewhere tomorrow? Customers keep on looking for more beneficial services, and if they find someone better than your company, there are high chances that you will lose a client. Ensure that when your client is using the Internet to find the best service provider in your area, it’s none other than you.

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