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Top 10 Latest Best Web Design Tools Of 2017

The Web Design Companies in Dubai challenge their expectations about the designing, coding, data visualization etc. below are the list of the famous tools that are introduced in 2017 and are best web design tools. These are good to design the updated and professional website for the clients with all the latest techniques.


Below is the latest web design tools listed to meet the new contacts and find new opportunities in interesting ways:

1. Lottie

Lottie is the useful tool build by the Airbnb. The Website Design Companies Dubai are using it to add the high-quality animations to native apps. It is used by the library of iOS, React Native and Android to give the real effects to animations in real time. This makes the website design animated and attractive for the users, now there is no trouble to use static images in the website design. It not only create the high-level animation but also keeps the sizes of the file small. By using it, you can eliminate the animated files used in the website code easily by loading them from JSON API.


The Web Development Companies Dubai who is creators of the business, e-commerce, and blog etc. sites whittled down the enormous bookmark collection. The web tool is having 900 data visualization tool among which 400 are the best option for the business website. The tool categorizes and organizes the bunch into useful manner. Here are the following useful categories of the dataviz.tool:

  • D3 Libraries
  • JavaScript
  • Data Cleaning
  • Design Tool
  • Mapping etc.

The Website Development Companies Dubai is using this latest website designing tool to establish the stunning and attractive website for their valuable and precious users.

3. Awesome Case Study

It is the fantastic latest website design tool used by many prestigious Website Design Companies Dubai to build the website design extraordinary classy. The awesome case study has the list of the technical case studies which fully depends on and focused on the creative development or front-end of the site. It is really a helpful tool that assists the developer to solve many critical issues in a great way. It teaches how to develop the site in a different perspective and use interesting and innovative things on the site.

4. Awesome Falsehood

It is also used for the list but in this tool, it is all about the falsehood that is strongly being believed by the developers/ programmers who deliver Web Development Services UAE. This tool includes the list of the following misunderstandings:

  • Time zone
  • Geography
  • Names
  • Package manager
  • File path and much more

These useful falsehoods allow the programmers to creep the little errors in the sites that create the problems and issues in the certain use cases of the code. Read the entire coded site and show the curt’s to challenge your assumption to correct the code and avoid all the pitfalls of programming. Big list of naughty strings is particularly an interesting entry that unveils the user input data type to break something.

5. TalkJS

It is useful and has the very much required by the Web Design Agency Dubai to use in their designing of the site. It integrated the messaging for the entire latest web and as well as mobile products. The many of the customers nowadays demand to use the chat functionality on their online business to make the site user-friendly and business-oriented.

With TalkJS, the adding of the chat functionality to any web application is quicker. It is easy to use tool that actually turns any <div> in HTML into the chat box. It is obligatory and considers the important feature in websites. By using the chat users can interact with users, also allow the customers to make deals with sellers or any user to interact on the social platforms.


Its main functionality is to join the social networks for the data people. The Dubai Web Design Company are using it because it is good for sharing the data with interesting persons which work together and live together.

It is useful for the websites that are designed to solve the problems of the people who are connected with each other on the data visualization projects. It helps you in sharing, discover, understand and prepare for the data. By using this you are able to browse and open the good number of datasets that are contributed by the other users.

7. HTML Reference

It is useful and free guide to HTML and makes the companies relaxed to deliver the Web Design Services Dubai to the users. It features all the essential and attractive elements and the attributes. It is a free guideline for the designers and developers to learn about HTML code.

The HTML reference is the searchable guide for all the HTML5 attributes and the elements. The cheat sheet guides you in a user-friendly manner that helps you out about the functionality of the elements and the attributes. It is quickly be searched and also direct to use them. Like this, another tool is also available in the market that gives the guidelines for the CSS and named as CSS Reference.

8. Daily Opportunity Email

It is helping tool that aid the Web Design UAE and other people to share their problems face at work. This is necessary to make the products useful and interesting to ask the issues from the customers and improve them to make them satisfy.

The daily opportunity is created by the Every Day to ask the issues and make the list of the problems that they faced at their workplace. It is not only asking the issues but also take the suggestions about the software that will help them to resolve their issues. The answers of the valuable users are then sending to the subscriber software companies via email. It is the great way to get the innovative and useful ideas and the opportunities for creating the useful projects.

9. Layersnap

It is the helper of the Snap.svg. By using this it is good for the web design companies to work with the SVG animations. The InLogic UAE is a reliable and well-known company and develops the attractive and excellent website for their clients. The layersnap helps in configure things by smartly implementing and editing the SVG’s markup attributes. You can also build the interesting and unique animations from the layers palette by using the illustrator.

10. WebGradients

It is used for making the linear gradients that are implemented as backgrounds. WebGradients is easy to use. If you are not a good designer and not so good with the themes and colors and you want to fix it, it offers you a 180 ready rolled ones that can be used for free.