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Top 10 Tips To Rank Your Website Organically In Less Than 25 Days

The people are making search and looking for the results to rank their websites from the experienced SEO UAE companies. There are many techniques and tools used by the Top SEO Companies in Dubai to index your online business on search engines. Every website owners want to gain the high rank on the search engines to target the audience and gain organic search traffic for the development and the growth of the business.

Many times in a year, the search algorithm of the google changed. These changes are minor and do not effect much on the SEO techniques used for the ranking of the site while updated major algorithm like google Penguin or google panda have the great impact on the search results.


Here are the following techniques of SEO Agency Dubai that aid you in getting good ranking on search engines in less than 25 days.

1. Set Main and Primary Keywords of Website

The main or targeted Keyword for every website is really essential to make it successful and gain the organic traffic. Set the list of targeted keywords relevant to your business to make it possible for the visitors to visit your online business website. This phrase or sentence helps the users to find your site through the search engine like Google.

Make a list of the important keywords that helps your business in ranking and gaining the online traffic. Select the keywords that are relevant to your business and help the audience to reach to your site. Search for the values of the keywords that used in the website by using the keywords tool. The SEO Company UAE is using the Google keyword planner, google AdWords etc. to recognize the competition and search Volume.

2. Unique Content

In SEO, the content is considered the king and is plays the vital role in achieving the good ranking goal. Nowadays the crawlers of search engine become intelligent and are going to point out the irrelevant content quickly. It is important for the writer to write the content for the clients instead of writing for the search engines. The fresh, relevant and user-friendly content of the website help in getting the traffic and good ranking in search engines.

The SEO Expert Dubai not only optimized the site with proper keywords but also add the fresh, quality and unique content. If the plagiarism arrives in the content of the website, it will increase the bounce rate. This is because it reduces the Avg visitor’s interest and they will not stay longer on your site.

Here are the some popular ways listed below to add the fresh content on your website:

Use Videos

It is the unique and interesting way to engage the audience attention. Adding to videos is the effective way of adding the fresh content on the website. If you are adding videos do not forget to add Meta tags that help the google crawlers to crawl the video.

Add Blogs on Daily Basis

Upload the blog on daily basis to make the visitors engage. It also helps out the users to reach the point they are looking for. Use the main keyword in the blog post to make it rank.

Landing Page

Use different landing pages for the different services that are offered by the business. This makes the website user-friendly and SEO optimized.

3. Optimize Header of Web Pages

The HTML tags are second most important element on On-page SEO Strategies. The HTML tags (title) of the web page gives the visitors a precise explanation of the information and services described in the page. The title of the page will not exceed the 70 characters with the main keyword in the start of the title. You can also add the name of the company in the title.

4. Add Alt Tags

The “Alt” tags are one of the important HTML elements that are used in the sites to specify the alternative text to the images and videos and it can’t be left. They are used in the websites and are prefer by the SEO in Dubai and also have the strong correlation with the ranking of Google. The websites with the images and other elements like videos etc. should use the descriptive Alt tags with the main keywords on various web pages of the site.

5. URL Name of your Website

Google Search engines ranking prefers the shorter URLs name as compared to the longer ones. So make sure that your website URL is effective and short and keep the number of slashes lower. Use the targeted keywords in the URL and keep them closer to the domain name of the website of your website. And if you are using the multiple keywords in the URL make sure that separate them with the Hyphens.

6. Effective Domain Name

The domain name is the crucial element that helps and aids the business website to capture the clicks from the search engines. The domain name should b trustworthiness when you are taking initiative for making your online presence. This decision is important and significant will have the immense impact on the success and the failure of the website. The companies delivering the SEO Services UAE are very much crucial of selecting the appropriate domain name for the websites because they know the effect of a precise domain name.

Prefer the domain name that has the exact targeted keyword of your business to get a good ranking in Google and increase the traffic.

Here are some important points listed below that helps in picking the domain name and do Best SEO Dubai:

  • Prefer .com extension
  • Select memorable domain name for the website
  • Pick relevant domain name
  • It is easy to spell and type
  • The numbers and hyphens should not be included in the domain name
  • Length of domain should be shorter
  • Select unique name

7. Build Responsive Website

The Search Engine Optimization Dubai work accurately and quickly when the developed site is mobile friendly means that it is responsive in design. This really an essential point because the visitors most open the website for hiring the products and services on their smart phones and tablets. The responsive site should also be user-friendly.

From search, it comes to know that up to 85% of traffic on the internet is coming from the mobile devices and the tabs. If the developed website will not working responsively, its bounce rate increases and Google come to know that t is not offering the relevant data and information to users and will drop its ranking from the search result. You can overcome this situation by offering the responsive website o your dear users.

8. Use Internal Linking Efficiently

It is one of the most overlook factors in the SEO Services Dubai for hitting the ranking goals of the website. Internal links are basically the links that are going to provide the connection of one web page to another on the same domain. It is usually used for navigation and making the site user-friendly.

Interlinks are also going to improve the ranking on the search engine results. Many of the user thinks that interlinks are the wastage and have no role in the Google ranking but they are wrong because it helps the Google crawlers to crawl the site in a well-organized manner. While practicing and introducing the links on a page of the website then make sure that it should not exceed from 75-100 links.

9. No Black Hat

The usage of aggressive SEO techniques and strategies by the Digital Marketing Agency Dubai means that the team is only paying attention on the search engine, not human interest. For example, if the company becomes successful in getting and achieving their ranking goal using the black hat tactics will not be last longer.

The search engines like Google are getting better by improving its algorithm and gaining progress by removing the irrelevant stuff from the net. If Google crawl your website or your website bounce rate is high it drops the ranking and may be possible that it wiped out your online presence.

Following are the black hat tactics that are used in large number:

  • Doorway pages of the website
  • Used hidden text in the content
  • Stuffing of keywords
  • Automation of web content
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Reporting the market competitors
  • Concealing

10. Use Social Media Platforms

The social media platforms are having the enormous brunt on the ranking of the website. There are many expert Search engine optimization teams that believe that the social signals have the impact and will increase the ranking of the website. If till now you don’t have the social media pages of your business then start immediately to engage a large number of audience. The links to the social platforms help the Google to understand the credibility and reliability of your business and also ranked your keyword phrases and sentences.

The number of followers and the audience view your post and click on your website links have the positive influence on your traffic and ranking. The search engines are smart enough and only consider the quality followers for the overall ranking so build the page organically.


Google is the fast growing search engine that helps the other business to expand successfully. So if you are planning to develop and design a website do follow the trends and techniques of SEO. The effective and Expert SEO Dubai will help you in surviving. The above small tips will help out and differentiate your websites from others. It also boosts the ranking of the website and aids you in achieving the ranking goals.