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UAE is Introducing the AI-Based Instructors in Education System

In past years human teachers play the role in teaching the students in the classrooms. They are the main source of the knowledge and enhance the students nurture in the cognitive thinking, problem-solving skill and the critical matters. Some teachers in the life of the students contribute to the life of student’s lifelong.

Imagine that teachers are delivering the personalized lessons to the students of entire classrooms in the past years this looks like a dream. But with AI technology the UAE converts the educational system is changed and advanced.

In UAE, Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama is appointed as the minister of the state of UAE for AI (Artificial Intelligence). He is really intelligent and done digging into the technology and generate a great outcome in the year. This helps in increasing the GDP by 35% of UAE and will going to reduce the cost by 50%. Generally, Abu Dhabi Education Department Council (ADEC) is willing to support the next generation of the government cause and is investing in the education a reasonable amount to engage the students.


Following is the transformations that that artificial intelligence will do in the educational systems of UAE. Have a look at them:

The personalized learning experience of teachers

From the few years, there is a great rise in the adaptive education system around the country. The method is really useful from games to the programs that are designed for the learning point of view. With the usage, if AI, now teachers are able to interact with the students in a different manner. The system of the education is now tailored according to the needs and the student’s requirements.


In the online education arena, the massive open online courses garnered the great attention for the instance. There are many of the people that are introducing the online courses to make the students learn. Such courses gain rapid popularity among the targeted and desired students of UAE. The many of the teachers are offering courses for leveraging the AI power.

Interactive media and self adapting

Interactive media is the good source and is never being proved as a linear medium. When teachers are going to apply the images, videos, audios and the principle of graphics in the system of education, the leaning procedure for the students of UAE become personalized. In this way, they are able to extract/ retain the data with the high accuracy rate.

This procedure helps to give the students and as well as teachers a space for the interaction with each other without any hesitation and tailored manner. The students are able to become the great members of the online courses which are easily accessible and can be learned at their own pace.

The ADEC is the source that facilitates the talented teachers to offer the personalized courses to the willing students to learn. This also allows being accessed in the wide area of the UAE. Basically, the interactive media is the self-adapting that helps the teachers to design a course according to the needs of individual students.

Learning system by the computer-assisted

The computer is the great source and the reliable system that helps the e-learning experience smooth and efficient. CSCLS (Computer-Supported Collaborative leaning System) employs the educational interaction via social. The AI is the tool that has started the experiment formed gateway in the education field in the country.

Learning system by the computer-assisted

AI plays the great role in the education. The teachers help assess and the grade of the students. With the system, now it becomes really easy to automate the system of grading for the fill in the blanks and multiple choice questions. It makes their work easier and saves a lot of time of them.

Despite from this, in AI system, the essay grading is still infancy. Soon the team is going to run up to this level in no time. It is not only the time saver procedure for the students but as well as their teachers. It allows them to focus on the important stuff and interact with each other more.

Mining of data in educational field

ADEC of AI is talking about the part for integrating it with the technology of the educational field. This helps in the mining the data in the leaning system that is present online and is going to develop the clear set of the instructions. It is known as the data mining method.

From the analytics, it is come to know that when the students, of course, are going to drop the course. In higher level, it is making sure that students are able to focus on the course completely and if not make them refocus.


Improve when it is needed

AI is good and becomes the great foundation to fill all the gaps that are in between the teachers and the students. There are many of the online course providers that are famous and are using the technology in the highly intuitive manner. If the students of the course submit the wrong answer of the question, the system is going to send the feedback to teachers and then teacher resends the custom hint to the student to come to know about the right answer of the question.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) implementation has gained the massive hype in the market from the few years but this is not at all meaning that the need of the physics teacher in the classroom is finished. AI is the great way that helps the teachers and students to interact with each other in an easy manner. There are many other benefits of the technology for the students.

In the future, it will go to expand and become the great source for gaining the education. The students are able to learn without shifting the geographical location. So wait for the future to see the phenomenal impact of the technology around the world and it is the time when students are on the right path in life.

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