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What are Mobile Applications Metrics?

Rich and compelling mobile app is your hand power which sustains it t reach to almost 6 billion people across the world. Every Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai and world aims to take a special place in the customer’s device. In this era of competition, mobile application development is common but to establish the strong presence in the market becomes hard. To make the presence strong, professional companies of mobile development require a Proficient team for analytics. This helps the companies to evaluate the developed app and their working. This also assists the team in the areas they need to improve.


Following are the list of the mobile app metrics and the KPIs for the development companies. It will lend a hand to measure the impact of the team hard work they put on developing the particular application for the mobile.

CPA (Cost per acquisition)

It is basically the gaining a new customer or cost of acquiring for the online branding of application. It is one type of the advertising the develop app and get it known to the people who are interested. The publishers of the app have to pay for the specific actions that are used in branding. CPA is used by the development firms for measuring the amount that is required for the application advertising and getting the more active users and subscribers of the app. This is going to be calculated on monthly, quarterly and annually accordance.

Why use CPA?

LTV (Lifetime Value)

The total revenue of the applications that can be generated from the users before they stop or delete that app from their devices will be measured with the help of LTV. This assists the reliable companies to calculate the time that is required for retaining the users on the mobile app and get good profit from it in future. This basically helps you to understand that what budget you are spending on branding and have you targeted the tight crowd of an app or not. It usually goes parallel with the CPA.

Why use LTV?

  • The profitability of mobile app is predicted in future
  • Cost of marketing app is estimated
  • It helps in measuring the users loyalty

Retention Rate

This helps the company to know that what percentage of the users that are retained to the mobile app. This also measures the losing users. The retention rate of the application is the user percentage that stays on the app for the given period of time after the process of app installation from the apple store or Google store.

If the development companies provide the effectual app, the users are able to spend time and money on the app and will be going to purchase the additional products of the app. By calculating the rate and check the app performance the formula that Mobile App Development Company in Dubai uses is:

Retention Rate = ((E-N)/S)X 100)

E= customer numbers at the end of the time period

N= Count of new customers that are gained during the set period of app time

S= number of the initial customers of the period

Why use RR?

  • Performance estimation of your app is done with RR
  • Help to recognize the traffic sources of app
  • Identify the app valuable customer

CR (Churn Rate)

This mobile app metrics is opposite to the RR. This is basically the user’s percentage that uninstalls the app in the given period of time for some reason. From the research, it is come to know that mostly 58% percent of the users churn in the app 1st month and reach to 75% in the third month. The Lower churn rate will increase the app performance of the Mobile App Development UAE companies. The formula of the CR is

Churn Rate = 1-RR (Retention Rate)

Why use CR?

  • CR enhances the app performance
  • It identifies the mobile app weak areas
  • It assists the developers to make the better marketing strategy for app

DAU (Daily Active Users)

The usability of the mobile app and the frequency session of the users of the mobile app are important. It is divided into three different groups; daily users, weekly users, and monthly users. A daily active user is a number of the active users per day. This plays the vital role in the marketer’s strategy to bring back the users who left the mobile applications after the sign-up process. Send the push notification to the customers or encourage them with various ways to use the app again.

Why use DAU?

  • It monitors the application growth among the audience
  • It measures the user engagement and RR for app

MAU (Monthly Active Users)

It tells the unique number of the app user who used the application in a specific month. The customers who have a 1-day session in 30days of the period are called the monthly active users. Calculating MAU helps to identify the engage users and who come back to use the app and interact with it once in a month. There are different MAU criteria of the various companies. According to the report, there is total 1.2 billion of the MAU of Facebook worldwide.

Why use MAU Calculation?

App Event Tracking

It monitors the user’s interaction with the all important features of the developed app. If App Developers in Dubai wants to track the app events, then it is necessary to configure the use of S2S conversion tracking or the SDK. The main example of the event sharing is to share the app content with the friends and make them purchase and challenge them to reach the specific area.

Why use Event Tracking of App?

  • Helps the Freelance App Developers Dubai to understand their audience
  • Helps the developers to track the conversion goals of the app
  • Assist the developers to introduce and launch new advances targeting programmes in market


Mobile development and Mobile App Design Dubai are using the prime key performance indicators of 2018 to make the performance of the app great and presence strong among the competitors. It is obligatory for the development companies to keep more focus on the above metrics.

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