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What are the crucial checks before website launching?

After designing and developing the website successfully and your client finalizes the content and is delighted. Now, this is the time to live on the website. In the excitement of launching it, we are going to forget a lot of the things to check.

The best way to launch the site is to make the checklist the all the crucial website things so that nothing should be neglected. The last minute touches of the site make the site perfect and error-free before revealing to the online world. This procedure is also adopted by the companies of Web Development in Dubai.

Following are the few important things that are listed and should be listed in the checklist of the site to check before launching to the world. Have a look at them and check before unveiling the site.


In the Web Design Dubai, the favicon is considered important. Basically, when your website will go to open in any browser tab or window, the favicon appear in the top of the tab with the name of the website. This icon is also saved with the bookmark and helps the users to easily recognize the website page among others. Check the Favicon before a website launch.

Title and metadata of webpages

The webpage of the website must have a title according to SEO point of view. The title of the page also helps the visitors to come to know about the functionality and the reason of the page. Make sure before finalizing that the title of the page matched and depicts the content of the page.

The Dubai Web Design Company who delivers the search engine optimization services to users knows the importance of the keyword tags and the Meta description. This is the good approach to reach and target the desired audience. Keep in mind that you carefully alter all the description of the web-pages that narrate the content of it. The Google uses the Meta description in the result of the search to visitors.

Proofread content

Make sure that you are able to read all the content of the website carefully. And if you read it already, read it once again before making the site live. Check the content with someone else, so that you get another thought of the text. There will always space where the change is required. Keep the site text short, easy and specific.

Try to fragment the large textual paragraphs into few lines to engage the users and convey the message to the reader precisely. In the content using clear headings, use the bullets so that users are able to understand the points easily. To give dynamic text tries to use the alert boxes. The Web Design UAE team is responsible to check the content twice to reduce the chances the mistake.

Cross-browser testing

When the Web Design Agency Dubai thinks that their design is perfect, looks appealing then it is again their duty to checks once on Internet Explorer or multiple browsers. This helps the site to critical look before finalizing across browsers.

In all the browsers uses by the users, it is not compulsory that it is pixel perfect but makes sure that the functionality of the site will be good and a user will feel no difficulty in executing the site. The most preferable browsers to test all this in the IE version 6, 7 and 8 and in Safari 3, Firefox 3, Opera, Chrome and iPhone for compatibility.

Check website functionality

It is the duty of the team of the known Web Development Company in Dubai to test each and everything of the site intensely. If your website has the contact form in it, test it before firm up its functionality. Perform all the functions that you used on the site to see what comes out.

Also, give the site to other users to test so that the different scenarios will come out. Sit at the back and observe the target users that how they are using the site, what are the things that amaze them and what features make them leave the site immediately. This activity helps the developers to improve the website for a better outcome. Check the cart baskets, log-in area, search functionality of the site and contact form for smooth running.

Check all used links

Do not assume that the links used in the website are efficiently working without testing. To check, click each and every single link. It is possible that while adding in the content you forget anything, maybe some typo error occurs. Make sure you check all the links of the web content.

As the Web Design Company in Dubai checks that how the links work does the same. Links help the user to get to the page they are looking for on single click. And except the link does not underline the text this is because it may confuse the users with link format.


Adding the sitemap.xml is a really important file for the root directory of the search engine. Check it out because it helps the search engine to easily index the site on them. The file helps the crawlers of the search engine like Google to point to all the web pages of the website.

Defensive design of website

The defective design and the element appear in the shape of 404 error page. This error appears when the users request such page on the site that does not exist. There is some other reason like the link you use of the other site will no longer exist. For this, the Web Designing Companies in Dubai provide the useful link of the site to make the users return back to pages they may interest.

The other defensive technique in the design is thee checking the validation of the forms. Try to submit the unusual information in the fields of the given form so that the form will give yousss an error and if does not give such, fix the issues.

Backup of website

In the website, backup is always required. This is vital because in case the database of the website runs off and you need to retarget the desire audience then you have the information to do so.


Check the entire above checklist before making the site live. But if you are not sure about the website designing, development, and launching than it is good to take the guidance of the professionals like the InLogic UAE team. We are active and the great team that helps you to launch the site. We are available and deliver our services to users to make their work easier.