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What are the latest trends in iPhone for Mobile App Development?

Currently, Smartphone becomes the vital part of our lives and we can’t live without them at a moment. Today everyone owns the smartphone with the best and various useful functionalities on regular basis. All the functionality of the phones is only possible with the application to develop by the Mobile App Development UAE.

Some f the features like the phone alarms, social networks platform, emails, games, web browsing with other functionalities will not be useful and possible if it did not have the adequate apps. All the Smartphone users are depending on these things on a daily basis. This means that the innovation and the development of the applications will never get stopped at any time.

The Mobile Application Development Companies in Dubai and around the world are constantly developing the applications and are talking about their uses. Apple in the market is always working hard to give the users the best and something new to introduce. Following are the few latest top trends that are following by the apple in the development of mobile applications in companies. Have a look and try to follow them for the iPhone mobile apps development.

GPS and beacon technology

GPS and the Beacon technology in the mobile applications are quite famous and are commercialized. It is used by the Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE for the advance marketing techniques and targets the specific audience of the app. This technology in the year 2017 has gained the great momentum as expected by the experts. Both the technology is used and integrated for the appliances, cars and other things lightening purpose.

Apple iOS has an interface that allows the users or the owners of the device to control various appliances around their house effectively by simply clicking. The users are performing and managing the whole appliances and the things of the homes from distant locations too. This activity is an environment-friendly and energy-saving initiative taken by the apple.

Wearable technology in Mobile App Development in Dubai

This is one of the trends of the year which are also expected to grow even bigger in 2020. There are many of the wearable devices that are already introduced in the market like the Apple Watch series 2 and the Google Daydream. In the future, the wearable devices will not at all be limited in stock to the various industries including the healthcare department. This technology will be used in every place to dictate the applications trends that have not yet come.

Application security measures

There are many users who are using the phone devices in a professional and personal task like the sharing of the information, finances and also managing the homes. It is necessary for the professional and as well Freelance App Developers in Dubai to improve the security measures of the mobile app. This is becoming necessary every day and becomes the great challenge for the developers in the future.

The current running applications of the apple are although secure, but the iOS 3.0 must have the few issues of the security when it comes to providing the public with information about the development efforts of the app. Now the international standards are defined and created for the security, so the mobile app security features, in general, are the user’s great concern.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality is making is way in the various iOS applications developed by the knowledgeable skill App Developers Abu Dhabi. In many cases, AR relies on the technology of GPS to provide the users wide range of services. This trend of the mobile application is used in many games and is changing the looking of the gaming industry in addition to the activities that are performed by the players.

As we discussed earlier that the GPS and AR are both integrated and are both significant for all the applications and developers. In coming years it is expected that there is only and more 3D video games are introduced for the iPhone devices by using this technology. The issue will be only one, of course, the security measure.

Implementation of Swift in applications

The main coding language for the applications developed in iOS by the professional Mobile App Design Dubai companies is Objective C. Since the swift technology is introduced in the world of coding, application developers of the industry discover various advance useful methodologies and the frameworks that help them to use the Xcode tools. This tool helps the developers to code which is reliable.

The Swift 2 made by the Apple have such features that are develop-friendly. These features allow the developer to make the applications for iOS which can work flawlessly. This is the reason the app developers of iPhone will start leaning the swift to grow and improve their value in future.

From on wards all the applications developed will be using the swift. This language in iOS is the great trend to follow.


Above mention are the latest trends of the mobile application development. All the developers that want to expand in the industry need to follow them. It helps in increasing the productivity f the business and promotes the brand with the best software solutions from InLogic IT Solutions UAE.

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