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What are the Mobile UX Design Trends for 2018?

In mobile app universe, things are changing really rapidly. To become successful in the mobile UX design, the experts of Mobile App Development Dubai must have the foresight and are ready for facing the new challenges. In this article we discuss the few biggest, impactful trends of the UX designing for 2018. Have a look on them carefully and decide by your own.

Mobile UX Design Trends for 2018

1. In-App Gestures with the Animations

Designers face new challenges with the release of iPhone X. in the latest phones, the lack of the home button make the most of the interaction with the device gesture based. This is the sign that means that the professional designers of the Dubai App Design Company to pay the attention to the gestures.

Gesture-based interactions such as the learn ability and discoverability issues. To make it execute the designers will have to focus on the motion design and the micro-interaction. Animations are used to make the interaction clear and available. It clarifies the spatial relationship between the elements of UI and to provide the valuable feedback on the interaction.


2. User Journey Simplification

When the users interact with the website or applications, there is some particular goal they have to achieve. And it is the better experience on achieving this goal is usually fewer efforts.


Linear user flow

The UX design with the specific beginning, middle and the end is the linear design experience and it allows the users to complete their valuable one action with each step. This way is good for the users because it estimates the user’s time to complete their required task.

Progressive disclosure

When the applications have a lot of actions and information to deliver to the users, the Mobile App Development Company Dubai are not showing everything to users at once. The professional designers will use the technique that is called Progressive Disclosure. This technique helps in making the actions and information visible to the users when they need it. This helps in reducing the cognition load and also improves the interface comprehension.

3. Content-Centered Experience

Mobile Application Development Company in Dubai makes the content easily accessible and well-curated for the users of the mobile app. This makes it appealing to intended users. The designers can keep the content in front and center in 2018.

Clear visual hierarchy

It is important to make the UI elements content easier and comprehensive. Call to action button and contrasting colors of the design are used by the users to interact with the essential information and elements.


The popular goal of most of the UX designers of Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai today is removing the visual clutter and improving the comprehension. In this phase, they remove all the irrelevant information and give the priority to the relevant information by putting all the content at one pace and elaborate the language of clear vision.

4. Full-Screen Experience

With the release of latest phone models which are frame-less with no buttons make the screen wider for the users to use. The users expect to have the view of full-screen experience.

HD videos and images

The full-screen view for the app is important to get known in the market. In addition, the quality and visibility of the images and the videos used in-app have the direct impact on the expectations of users about the mobile app. Make sure that no image and video should appear pixilated on the screen of mobile.

5. Emotional Experience

In 2018, the App Developers in Dubai are more emotional intelligence integrated into the experience of Smartphone. This is not only about the animated effects of the app that is shown to the users after the completion of specific actions. This makes the experience delightful and engaging.

How to express emotions?

Emotions are naturally expressed by the people; this is basically used to make the other people realize that what we are feeling at this moment. In the devices, we have the opportunity to share the emotions in a broad specter. One of the famous technologies is Animoji used in the iPhone X.

6. Dominance of Video

In the previous year, we all know that the videos get popularity as the content marketing format. The amount of the people that watch online videos every week are 78% and 55 % of the people watch every day. This is the reason that most of the designers of Mobile Application Development Companies in UAE adopt the video format.


Adapt the video format for portrait orientation

From the research, it comes to conclusion that there are 94% phones are used in the portrait orientation. So it means designers have to adapt the videos for this orientation.

Adapt for the short attention span

Human attention span is decreased in 2000 from the 12 seconds and in 2015 to eight seconds. Now the live video streaming on the social media platforms such as Facebook, and Instagram are the results of such adapting change.

7. Vibrant Colors

Colors in the designing are the most powerful and significant tool to make it successful. In the designers of the Mobile App Development Company in UAE, this toolkit plays the vital role. It formulates it possible to draw the users attention, influence them, and set a mood, actions, and their emotions. When we are talking about the mobile designs then it means it is the definitely the time of the vibrant colors.


Use colors as functional element

The colors are really important and are used not only for the aesthetics but are also a part of the functional experience. The experts are the color to make the design visible and will separate the various different types of notifications of application.

8. Conversational Design

From the research, it is come to know that at a time the users only use three apps on their mobile phones frequently, and among them, one app is a messaging app. People love to chat with their friends and families.


Chatbots in messaging platforms

The users love to have the chatbots for the regular graphical user interface experiences to serve as the assistant businesses with customers.

Importance of copywriting

This raises the awareness amongst the designers and developers of the App development companies of copywriting. The chatbots are based on the word exchange between the machine and users so select your words carefully while chatting.


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