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What is Domain Authority? How SEO Experts Measure the Domain Authority?

To get started the first step is to test your domain authority of the website with the help of MozBar. It is a free search engine optimization toolbar. After testing read the blog to improve it. If your site domain authority ranks over the 60, it means it is excellent but if it is between the 40 and 50 then it is average. This happens because the SEO Expert Dubai has not managed it professionally.

Here are some useful techniques to improve the domain authority and are used by the Social Network Management Agency Dubai.


What are the factors that affect the Domain Authority?

MozBar measures the domain authority of the website on numerous factors but the most known and popular among them are size, Age, and popularity of the business site.

SEO Company Dubai knows that there are many factors of the Moz system in the ranking of Google. Moz is a useful system that offers you the facility of directory listing service and link building services. It helps in visualizing the link building between the various websites.

Google rank the website of yours is by the links quantity going out and into the site. If the site is having more links it means it has more traffic. It is clear that the roads in big cities are more rush as compare to the roads in small towns. The numbers of the links that are pointing the site directly mean that how much connection your business has in the real world.

How to build Domain Authority through link building?

There are basically four major things that may come to your mind to build the DA via link building. Have a look at the following four.

  • The first important factor is to develop the strong internal linking factors
  • Provide the quality content with the authoritative external links to source
  • Obtain the alternative backlinks of the site
  • Into local business, directories build your site

The best way to develop the domain authority of the site is to develop the SEO rich, quality and unique content as done by the skilled professional Search Engine Optimization Services UAE providers. When you are able to create the good quality valuable content, people can link it on social media platforms another site. This type of link building used by the professional people is critical for improving the domain authority ranking.

Here is the list of the few Authoritative sites, go through it.

  • Moz
  • Wikipedia
  • Search Engine Land
  • Government Sites (.gov)
  • Universities and educational sites (.edu)
  • Huffington Post

How to build the authoritative backlinks on website?

As a SEO Agency Dubai developing the innovative, incredible and useful content for the readers is the great start for increasing the Domain authority ranking of the website. If the written content of yours is powerful and comes across as the authoritative field of yours then it may be possible that it is selected by the true authoritative sites which are high DA.

It is clear that to get the link to the site, give the other site a link on your site. In this article, we are not discussing the black hat SEO practice because it is badly punished by the Google. Here I am discussing and talking about the utilization of the internet means and way of using it.

If you link your business website to those authoritative sources, then share the article with them through the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. This helps in developing the good relationship with the companies of the same field. Slowly or gradually that relationships of the digital world will put the great impact on real world on your business organization.

The website that is containing the link to the site of your business provides their clients a source and option to select you. To do so Dubai SEO Expert takes the assistance of writer to quote a blog about the site experience. They are able to do it by using valuable strong words, thoughts from the parade and by sharing the photos with a link to the business website. The links on the other site show the Google that your business company is linked to other events and majors activities. This will lend a hand in boosting the ranking when someone searches for your services and products.

Moz emphasizes Social Media Management Dubai to build links in local directories

Moz is a useful and helping tool in the SEO Services in Dubai. It offers the directory listing and link building tool to experts to know the value of the links used. Just like the links that are used for the company should also be aspiring towards the links of the authoritative sites. For doing this, it is good to hire the experts and professional Digital marketing professionals into local directories to build the website.

Local Directories includes following sites:

  • White Pages
  • Angies list
  • YP
  • Bing
  • Merchant Circle
  • Manta
  • Google My Business
  • CitySearch
  • Manta

If you are not able to do it accurately, hire the services of Social Media Marketing Dubai experts. We are able to build a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedln, Yelp, and StumbleUpon for the business marketing. Create an account to backlink the authoritative site. Is it possible for the people to find your business via local directories? Below is the answer.

  1. Sometimes a strong and effective Yelp and Google Plus with quality reviews help in ranking higher on a search engine that actual website.
  2. It is important to build the company site on all the local directories to show the Google that the company is authentic and real.

Why DA matters in Google Ranking?

Every businessman at the end of the day wants to find their business site on search engines. The building of networks of links with Digital Marketing Agency Dubai screams to Google that we are real and present. If you are really worried about ranking and excellent DA rank make a contact with InLogic UAE. We have the best professional link building and digital marketing team to increase the Domain authority for you.