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What Is RFID Technology Deliver By RFID Suppliers In UAE?

RFID is the latest technology used for identification and tracking the authenticated tags applied to individuals, products or animals. RFID is the general term that is used in the technologies. These identification and detection system uses the radio frequency for execution of the tracking of objects and people. The professional team of RFID Suppliers in UAE are good are have the great years of experience in the field. They give the great services to the customers for making their work easier and more accurate.

The real purpose of the RFID technology is to facilitate the users in the transmission of data through the accurate portable device that is called Tag. The tags that are attached to the products have the details about the product with price and can be extracted with the help of the RFID readers. The whole process of this technology requires an application.

The data that is transmitted with the designed tags are accurate and precise. The tags also help you in identifying the location and other specifications of the products including the date, price, and color. Basically, the type designed and developed RFID tags are including the microchip and radio antenna that is mounted on the substrate.

The RFID Tags Dubai are configured to respond and receive the signals from the transceiver. This helps the receivers to extract the data even the products tags are at distance. In the present era, the RFID technology is getting the great worldwide acceptance in every field of business. This technology is effectively and partially replacing the barcode system from the market.

Working of RFID technology

The basic RFID technology is consisting of the antenna, transponder, and transceiver. The antenna in the system emits the radio waves to activate the attached tags of the products and also to read all the information and as well as write to it. The RFID readers are capable of emitting the radio waves from one to 100 inches effectively on the basis of power output and radio frequency. When the RFID tags are going through the electronic magnetic zone, the RFID tags that are activated are detected.

The RFID UAE is using the internal battery or the radio signals for sending the radio waves back to the RFID Reader. Te all signals are received by the reader and the waves and identify the radio frequency efficiently to generate the unique ID. With these generated IDs the readers are able to decode the data, encoded it in the integrated circuits of tags and successfully transmit them to the computer (Server) for use.

Types of RFID tags

There are two types of the RFID tags; Active and Passive. These are basically two different technologies designed and developed by the RFID Tags Suppliers in Dubai but are usually evaluated together. Both of these types of RFID is using the radio frequency for the communication purpose between the two ends readers and tag. But the difference in both the types is power providing to tags. The RFID Solutions Provider in Dubai is good in providing the precise option for their business.

In the Active RFID, it is using the batteries within the tags. The power is providing to tags and the radio frequency power circuitry is continuous. While in the Passive RFID, fully relies on the energy of the radio waves that are transferred from the RFID reader to tags for powering it. It requires the strong strengthen signals from the readers to catch all the signals competently that is bounced from the tags.

Active RFID is receiving the low-level signals by the tags and able to create the higher level signals for the readers. This is the main reason that it demands the constant power of getting in or out from the field of readers. The active RFID tags are consisting of the external sensors for checking the temperature, humidity, conditions and as well as motion.

Frequencies of RFID

There are many frequencies in the radio when you tune in for listening to various channels. Just like them, the RFID reader and tags also need to be tuned in the same set frequency for the communication. The RFID system designed by the RFID Companies in Dubai uses the various different frequencies for the purpose of communication.

The most popularly and common frequencies that are used are low, high and ultra-high frequencies. The range of the low frequency in RFID is around 125 KHz, high is 13.56 MHz and ultra high is in between the 860 to 960 MHz. There are some applications that are using the microwave frequencies instead of radio in the RFID system and it is around the 2.45 GHz. It is really good to pick the right frequency for an application because the radio waves are working differently at different selected frequencies.

RFID use in market

The role of the RFID technology is not only to detect and identify the products only. It is perfectly using for the various commercial purposes. The tracking of the products is one of the most popular uses of this technology. The professional companies are using the RFID tags and RFID Reader Dubai is used in the supermarket to make the products safe from the thefts. For this purpose, almost all kind of the RFID system can be used for the asset management.

The manufacturing plants of the worldwide are also using the RFID system from the long period of time. These systems are helpful and are used for tracking the parts and the working process for the reduction, increasing the production output and as well as management of the whole process.

It is also helpful in the closed looped supply chain procedure for years. There are many companies who are now turning to this technology for shipment tracking. This technology is not limited to the manufactures but also used by the retailers. The RFID Solutions UAE is good to have in business to increase the productivity.

The RFID technology also plays the vital role in the security and access control. The new frequency introduced that is 13.56 MHz in the RFID system provides the reading of tags to the users from long range. It is convenient and easy to handle with low maintenance.


In the present trends the RFID Companies in UAE working towards the fast-growing RFID technology in the next decade. In 2016, the RFID tags that are delivered to valuable customers are round about 450 times higher than it is delivered in the year 2006.

All the commercial applications are using the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification and detection in the supply chain, transport, processing, medicine, access control, and manufacturing. It is a smart technology to use in the government and as well as consumer sectors. It is good to hire the services of expert like InLogic UAE.

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