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What is SEO KPIs – Key Performance Indicators?

SEO is a crucial way for the website success and for the business it is compulsorily preferred to achieve the goals and ambitions of generating the revenue. There are many businessmen who are familiar with the importance of the Search Engine Optimization Dubai and that are why they engage SEO experts.

There are many agencies existing around the world that promise the ranking of your business on first-page and also make sure that the great number of traffic attracts to your business. In every business website the SEO ranking and the traffic of it plays the really important role and without any doubt, it is important for defining the SEO KPIs. This is the great way to measure the performance of the SEO.

The companies and their representative are not concerned about the technicalities of the SEO KPIs. They only are interested in the ROI (Return on Investment) and they are concerned about the business growth and the result that are come from the activities of the SEO.

The SEO has to be perfect and professional to evaluate the performance of the website and as well as all the strategies of digital marketing. The well-known and Top SEO Companies in Dubai uses the KPIs to measure the performance of the SEO activities and provide the report to their respective clients.

What is SEO KPIs?

The SEO is something that improves the website visibility through their organic results and also helps them to develop the excellent and reliable navigation structure in addition with unique and quality content that is aligned with the potential customer’s search.

The search engine with the help of the effective SEO helps the website to rank higher and gain the great position. There are many activities are involved and some of them are time-consuming. To understand the KPIs and fine strategies are the progress of campaigns.

Following are the several performance metrics of the SEO, have a look at them:

  • CTR (click through rate)
  • Clicks on the keywords and ranking of the non-branded keyword
  • Visitors to the website and organic Visit through SEO
  • The conversion rate of the site and leads and sales
  • Ranking of Google and web page performance
  • Analysis of the backlink traffic
  • Speed time of website loading
  • Bounce rate
  • User engagement on site and session duration
  • Indexed pages on Google, the performance of landing page, SEO queries and Google analytics
  • Authority of domain
  • SMM (social media marketing) and Engagement

All the above mention KPIs of the SE metrics are used to measure the performance and for tracking the SEO website and as well the outcome of campaigns that are also organized by the Professional SEO Companies in Dubai.

What is Leads?

In the business website, among all the other KPIs of the SEO, the lead is considered the most significant. This is the all the owners are expected. There are various methods that are used in the website in a landing page that are compulsory for the visitors to know and they need to require the all essential information to have the desired products.

The valuable team of the Best SEO in Dubai companies simply measures the SEO performance with the percentage and also increase in the leads. This helps the team to get out of the period of many months. The experts of the professional companies are using tool including the Google tag manager, Google analytics, and track forms and purchase various analyze activity tools.

Organic traffic of the website

Sales and the leads of the website are fully depending upon the organic traffic that is derived from the SEO activities perform by skill and qualifies SEO Company Dubai. There are such clients who are really busy and are not able to get time to use the Google analytics but it is the duty and responsibility of the SEO agency top measure the site performance every week to view the effect of using the SEO KPIs. The campaigns of the company designed by the team have the consequence on the natural traffic that is diverted to the website through various searches.

Loading time of the page

The SEO Expert Dubai is familiar that the speed of the loading of the WebPages is very important in the KPI activity of the SEO. There are many users in the world that prefers using their mobile phones to access any website of their mean. If there desired website takes a lot of time in loading means beyond second they left that site immediately and will never return back to it.

SEO tracking is the perfect way that guides the SEO experts and as well as the owners of the website to indicate them to improve the loading time of the website landing page or other pages. It is the central obstacle that comes in the way of the user engagement.

Keywords used in the website

The company owners have their own way to describe the product in their own way they are offering to valuable customers but the experts of SEO Agency Dubai knows the specific terms people are using in search engines to find the product and services in search engines. In the search and ranking the keywords are important pillars of the KPIs SEO process.

This is the main reason that many experts in SEO are carrying out the intensive research relevant to keywords in order to generate the excellent organic traffic. The selection of the keywords is really important and that is the reason that experts are hired.

Website backlinks

The SEO activities performed by the SEO Dubai Company are proved as the backbone of website success. The SEO tracking and the KPIs involve in searching the great number of the backlinks and the domain where they are generated. The most essential thing about the backlinks is the quality. This is because it is one of the keys to the SEO performance of the metrics. This means the owners of the website need to post the content in the simplest form on authoritative sites with the link. It is the place where people mostly visit to read the content.

Mobile-Friendly rating

Overall, Google now reports that 50% to 60% of search engine searches are completed using mobile devices. Obviously, that is not the case for every business. Those that have a b-to-b market tend to experience a lower percentage of mobile users visiting their websites. But, mobile-friendliness is important enough to Google that it does provide a rating for that website feature. Like page speed averages, mobile-friendliness affects the user experience and sales and lead generation. An experienced SEO specialist can ensure that a company’s website meets the parameters for mobile-friendliness.

Website Bounce rate, PPS (page per session), User engagement of website

Bounce rate is also one of the important keys of the SEO Services in Dubai. It tells the experts that how many visitors visit the site and left the site without exploring it. The time the visitors spend on site and explore the site by clicking on various links is a great success. Make the navigation smooth and interesting. But if the visitors are leaving the site very often then it is the sign that website needs remodeling and it is the serious aspect of the consideration.



There is other KPIs SEO that is also stated in the website success and for the user engagement. The main requirement is the user engagement, awareness and converts the visitors to the customers.

To measure the website performance the one way is to know the activities performed in the procedure of SEO in Dubai. If you are not familiar with other terms and as well these make a contact with a qualified team of the well-recognized company like InLogic UAE. We are available delivers the best services to customers at good economical cost.